Sunday, 21 September 2014


Oh now this is just great!!

What a perfect time to start having strikes in the NHS?!

Well let's see now? How can I be over the top sarcastic about this? I know ...

1 - The dunces fail to realise that more pay at this point in time will mean less staff which means more people dying, do they NOT watch the News?!

2 - The NHS tells all staff bit to deal with health issues anyway and no expensive treatments, care or drugs that you might not be able to tell the difference?!

3 - Does anyone give a shot abit anything that dies not involve money?!

Sometimes I just scratch my head in disbelief, I really do. How on earth do these morons come up with the most brain dead ideas at the worst possible times?!

Mark my words if they succeed in getting a pay rise, yeah like that is gonna happen, I assure you the NHS well then be on the verge of collapse and nurses will be laid off and then they will be protesting again and calling for more strikes because they are expected to do too much work, or it's unfairly stressful?!

I think I should break out the crayons and then draw child like diagrams so anyone can understand them with some simple mathematics and start sending then out to industry leaders see if the see the deliberate sarcastic tone in which they were created?!

Probably not!

As they all lied about disabled people anyway, or mostly as I only saw one health staff come forwards in Glasgow, I don't think they will get anything in the way of sympathy. Disabled people, or at least I, did not and if no one sympathized with the disabled I cannot see it being given by many for heath staff.

This might actually end up showing exactly what I was getting at? If your going to alter the facts in act of self preservation or perks you had better think of the eventual consequences. Down the line you cannot rely on anyone when everyone tells lies, defrauds or it's otherwise corrupt.
Oh deary, deary me. What are they to do?

NHS staff vote for strike action

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