Sunday, 21 September 2014


Well ... to say I was shocked by the report in the link below would be an understatement!

A health team battling against the Ebola Virus have been killed by the local villagers with machetes?! 

I simply could not believe this! How can a bunch of half wits think that there is no Ebola outbreak when so many have died?!

I must admit that I am troubled by this report. It actually provoked thought towards two possible theories ...

1 - The health teams are naive in not showing the outbreak is real?

2 - The health teams have acted in such a way to make it appear that they are more interested in stopping the Ebola Virus from reaching Europe, the US or perhaps to anywhere else where could find it's way too the aforementioned areas?

3 - The Africans are ungrateful half wits who are going to do more harm to their own people than they could ever imagine.

If the latter turned out to be the case it will emphasize my own statements about putting all your eggs in one basket.

Be absolutely sure that your right because if you are not the consequences cans and will be severe depending on the issues you are protesting about.

Now I do not know how I could be more clear than this. If the subject is something ... scientific you need to be absolutely sure beyond any reasonable doubt. Not because a bunch of morons say it's so or stake their reputations on something that could take decades to disprove!

I still think temperature will contain Ebola, though I am theorizing totally, but if not then protests about other things may well become ... academic!

My advice to anyone would be to keep your eyes on 'both hands' so you don't get a broadside on your blind side, and look at the bigger picture.

I complain about big business on here and would be the first in the queue to have a pop at them. But don't follow a fashionable trait because it fits in with your feelings and you taking potshots at them!
I say this because I know that this happens with people and it did and still does with someone ... very close to home. In fact we don't talk for long periods because I get fed up with the sound of the same drum and the half baked reasons.

Ebola health team killed in Guinea

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