Friday, 26 September 2014


I had an amusing letter from Atos this morning and it was ... hilarious immediately as they got my national insurance number wrong!

Yeah they will probably now apologise and state that this was a clerical error on their part?

Anyway they denied that they already sent me an earlier appointment, the August one. They also rambled on about how they are not corrupt and do have professional health staff, so I then asked them if they are professionals why do they keep making 9AM appointments for a Fibromyalgia sufferer whereby sleep is a majo, MAJOR issue?!

God, I really cannot get over how bloody incompetent they are at being corrupt!  Lol!

Anyway I am now posting up the letter I had today and the two appointment letters with Atos were up in very recent posts. Together I think in the same post as it then became important to post the August appointment letter, lol.

Oooh and I will tell you something else ...

I had an email reply from Voiceability, I had forgotten I contacted them. They apologised for the long delay in responding, I have no idea how long it was, and they stated that they too had been hearing some horrific things from people regarding ...





They were shocked and said they were sorry to hear how I had been treated and the obvious run around I had gotten from them all, they are obviously reading this blog then? LOL!

My Response ...

Dear Peter Dodd

[national insurance number] (You need reminding of this!)

Thank you for your letter dated the 25th September 2014.

I would like to point out a few things to you, your organisation and the DWP.

1 Do not treat me like a fool

2 In your attempts to look professional while lying through your teeth at least get my National Insurance Number correct!!

3 As far as denying the previous appointment you made .. well please see the attached letter from yourselves

4 As far as the audio recordings you can stick your statements where the sun does not shine, it is NOT illegal to record anyone at all and denying permission is stupid as I will not take any notice of it and you would be unable to find any device, as a previous GP, note PREVIOUS, who tried to set me up thought he was in the clear when I switched off two devices!

5 As far as number 4 is concerned you now look guilty, I need no convincing but much of the more naive public do, as you show you have plenty to hide

6 Oh yeah and please ... do NOT treat me like a fool, I did not bother reading anymopre when you started rambling on about your so called health professionals ... YOU DO KNOW HOW THE INTERNET WORKS RIGHT??

7 Oh yes, you have no idea how much I have wanted to record a meeting with you! No idea at all, it would have been the cherry on the Bakewell Tart! However ... and just as I have always told you I cannot attend distant locations and you know this too well...

8 Well you claim to be all professionals so then you know about Fibromyalgia?! Therefore you know only too well that Fibromyalgia disrupts sleep every single night to varying degrees? Mostly very bad. So how is it that every single appointment your organisation has made for me has quite consistently been for 9AM?!?!

9 Well I knew that you were doing this deliberately and I know how it all works ... if you get there your fit if you dont you autopmatically get refused. It is a no win scenario that is pathetically obvious cooked up by morons with a low IQ!

10 A GP was struck off very recently in the Liverpool area. A woman who was to give evidence in a rape trial asked her Doctor for help as she was suicidal. He told her to go ahead and kill herself and she can look up how to do it on the Internet!! Would you like to know how he was struck off? Because the patient used her smartphone to record him.

11 I have been informing people for over two years now what to use, how to use it and even how to trick those you are recording so they would never know, even when they realise you have been doing it!

You can send me as many letters rambling on, lying and bleating as much as you want it will not make a blind bit of difference to me, your a illegal organisation paid and ordered to make innocent lives a misery to protect a sea of greedy and amoral, self centred and corrupt people. I have know this for a very long time.

In each case on my blog I had a genuine reason to approach each and every public service I recorded. The Fire Brigade and St Johns Ambulance were about the only ones I did not record and there would simply be no point. They are fine examples of what public service means and is. But many others are not.

I am afraid I have been working on you all for a very long time. You could say its been twenty years in the making as that is how old some of my documentation is. A shame that the NHS did not bother to check all the documentation on my blog before they conveniently lost my medical records?!

Oh and the DWP called me yesterday, prior to your letter, to apologise for taking so long to answer my Freedom of Information Request. I requested two things, how much their organisation costs to run and a break down of salaries, I now have to check that because I cannot remember if I received it, ooh yeahh sorry about that but Fibromyalgia causes memory loss, but then as professional health staff you would know this, right? No they did not apologise for that FOI but instead that they cannot find any health or NHS documentation on me at all?! Ooh dear, not looking good. They were also many weeks over the time the law states you have to provide the documentation.

Do you know what I asked the person who called me from the DWP apologising? Well after I explained that my DLA was illegally stopped and that I have now found out that the Child Support Agency has been taking money off me for a 21 year old daughter who I have given £150 to of late because the DWP have NOT given her any money for weeks?! Yeah after all that I then asked how it could possibly be that I was denied DLA and PIPS if they had no health documentation on me and why this was not pointed out in any of the refusal letters I have here over the last 6 years or more?!

Oooh deary, deary me! It really is not looking good for the two of you is it?

There is one last thing I should point out ...

12 From the very beginning of my blog I told my readers and have done so repeatedly that in all my endeavours that I will publish as I do them that I will NOT GET ANYTHING from any of them! Not at all, no matter how long and how many times I apply and on top of this they would see the tricks they pull, see attached docs as just oine single example, to make their innocent victims look guilty!

I do not really give a crap what you do about the contents of this email, I mostly write these things because many of my readers love to see me stick the proverbial boot in to corrupt organisations.


Martin Haswell BSc

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