Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I have just taken a series of films in the last few weeks and there film has come out all wrong and I do NOT know hwo long this has been going on nor what is the cause if it?!

But this is the camera I got from Argos which replaced one that was already faulty and REFURBISHED and this one was FULL PRICE, not HALF PRICE like the Nikon.

Do you know I am starting to see certain people who follow orders not merely as people who want to keep their jobs but traitors to the British people in all honesty?!

Now either I have been sold another DUD camera under some didgy trade agreement to sell us DUD GOODS from overseas or I have been sold a FAKE SANDISK ULTRA CARD off AMAZON?!

Now I have to try and get a program to test the card and hope there is a version that runs on Linux. If not I will have to wait until my Windows 7 is re-installed and I have a NEW DRIVE plugged in to do that and a Windows 7 ISO file hald downloaded to put onto a USB KEY?!

Did this once already but some half wit seems to think half the world speaks Polish?! No mate they do not and an international language is English and even Spanish. I grumble because I spent two days and my broadband data downloading the garbage and they cannot even state this?! Morons!!

Now I am downloading another one, and ENGLISH LANGUAGE one from an OFFICIAL SITE this time.

So at some point I will test this card and is the card is OK then the camera is FAULTY AGAIN!!!

This country is utterly unbelievable it really is, what is good for the goose mate is good for the gander.

I now see that there ARE NO LAWS in this country...


If poor, working class or disabled people have no access to solicitors to enforce the law then there ARE NO LAWS.

Laws are reaching the stage where they no longer apply to me because those in power take no notice of them. Well there are 100 people suffering because of each of these laws for each of you that take no notice of them.

Do not have a head for gambling do you now?!


That is why people can send me whatever demands they like...I really do not care and do not care how far I have to go to make a point.

If the gamblers gamble wrong on this then it will end in in a god awful mess as I for one have nothing to lose!! ;)

ANd due to this blog you cannot say I did not warn you, lol.

Now you know why they all know about it now!!


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