Friday, 22 March 2013


Had some concerns about my BLOGS and a venture I was asked to get into to do with advertising.

There were some ... oddities and peculiarities that I decided to keep one eye and and track what was happening.

Very recently I decided to air these concerns with Google Adsense by posting in the forums, as Google are far too important to contact directly.

Problems with things are problems and any of you that have followed this will know that if I have problems the they are lengthy and complicated. Most of which I can work out myself and this i could not.

So I put a list of issues on the forum in the hope that someone from google could either explain this so that I understood OR realise there was a problem and look into it, like you would if you had broadband issues for instance...

...except with this you are working and in the hope that you would make money eventually.

Now as you are well aware I know how this works, I know about my TWELVE subjects, I am a good salesman because I am honest and I have four more subjects to add.

What I had was someone come on and insinuate, bare in mind this is public, that I had expected tens or hundred thousands pounds after 7 months work and pointed out that my viewer numbers were not high enough.

He ir she also pointed out that my stating that the numbers presented to me WITHIN my account were largely redundant, confusing and made no sense ad the most imprtant ones did NOT add up and THE most important would remain STATIONARY the last few weeks, despite the fact I had increased the rate I added, photos, videos, posts and that I had realised I have not TAGGED my posts and spent four whole night going over 70% of my posts, so around 500 posts, and added all the tags including scientific terms.

I pointed out that the viewers uncreased FASTER after this and yet the MONEY MADE did not move in those two weeks. He insinuated that I had got mixed up.

He then said you cannot make an income from doing this and that was totally wrong and real easy to get evidence from it even from googles own statements.

He also stated that I do NOT work for Google and then stated that Google SEE ME as self employed and work FOR Google?!

Now I then got quite offended by this as I was spoken to like I was an idiot.

Had remarks about how much money i expected to make when I stated nothing of the kind nor any figures.

When I asked him/her if he or she WORKED for Google they said...NO. I said well it sounds like you do to me!

I stated that they had also made assumptions without asking for any evidence or proof of what I stated, which i do have of course a any idiot that BOTHERED to read this blog would know damn well I can back anything up!

I then pointed out that in the 9th March it stated that...

The DAY before I made 80 Pence.

The previous MONTH I made £2.20

Added TOGETHER these make £3.00 and that DOES NOT INCLUDE what I made from the 1st March to the 8th March?!

I then pointed out that the screen presented to me clearly stated that I had currently made a TOTAL of £2.35 and that even FORGETTING the other 8 days at the start of March that 80 Pence and £2.20 DO NOT TOTAL £2.35?!

Then I stated that I was informed that I should spend 3 nights a week on the blog for a year before I can expect to see anything money wise and that the more added then the more searchable things will crop up and the more people will visit. I then pointed out that a year of 3 posts per week adds up to 156 posts.

I then pointed out that despite your remarks that my blog has been live for only 7 months that there are over 450 POSTINGS on it. That is the equivalent of THREE YEARS for ONE BLOG. (EDIT: THIS IS POST 472 on UK CORRUPTION)

I then pointed out that the entire total for ALL BLOGS is 867 POSTS which is the equivalent of nearly 6 years of posts and that I spent 4 days two weeks ago adding hundreds, quite possible thousands, of tags of very specific natures.

Well you work it out, 867 posts and I did 80% of them with a minimum of 2 tags per post I edited and as many as 12!

Oddly enough though there was over half a dozen posts of us bickering, I really do not appreciate someone trying to say I am an idiot in a public place and they ALWAYS do it and it ALWAYS backfires, since I made these last statements I have heard not a peep from ANYONE?!


Now I GENUINELY thought there was a link issue with my blogs. I still DO!

Just not sure what is going on here but nothing currently makes any sense and nothing at all has behaved as it should do.

But then anyone who has read this blog to any degree at all will know that I can spot patterns with numbers VERY EASILY.

So far I only know that there IS a problem. I am sure that after about 8 weeks of watching this I can figure out what it is and work towards putting it right.

Redundant data on the Google AdSense overview page and Google Analytics does not help.

I have twelve blogs linked to one Google AdSense account. Some of those are over 1,000 viewers and some are not.

Now maybe someone can leave comments on here as to what I might be doing wrong or what MIGHT BE wrong?!

Would appreciate the help ;). LOL!!

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