Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Below is an email I sent to the following THREE OFFICES OF THE DWP

Do not know who that last one is but saw it and thought 'oh what the hell?!'


I will get an email stating that I have emailed the wrong office or department and I will answer no I have not!



Dear Sirs

Are you people really that dense or just over confident?

What the hell is this letter about?! You are such a bunch of lying, evil and inhuman, ooh and inhumane, human beings and you think you will not get caught but the reality is that you have and it is I that have caught you!

As for Michael Meacher MP, well yes we have been in contact but he is the last of your worries, lol.

Now I spoke to you in the phone from WITHIN the Enfield Town Job Centre when you cancelled my Incapacity Benefit a very short time ago so can you tell me what you THINK you are playing at?

First off I recorded the whole time I was in the Job Centre and speaking to YOU and YOUR OFFICE on the phone?! Yes well they are called SMART-PHONES for a reason and the fact that most people like you are DUNCES is neither here nor there. The fact is I know how to use them at MY ADVANTAGE.

You really need to all run away from your jobs, the government are shit out of luck and are no match for an IT expert as they have spent years ignoring the industry and still do but it is not THEY that will go to prison it will be all their JOBSWORTHS like you who are moronic and STUPID enough to believe in them. Ooh except for the person sitting next to you who will realise there is a leak that cannot be plugged and secretly run off and make money as a whistle-blower before anyone else does!!

So you are now going t pull the same stunt you have tried to pull several times, only I have informed Michael Meacher MP, if indeed he is SERIOUS about getting to the truth, and am contacting others regarding this and have placed all my evidence in e VERY PUBLIC PLACE!!

Now what I will do is this. IF you cancel my money again based on a set of lies I WILL contact all newspapers and TV News broadcasters.I will contact all Internet based News people only, just to be sure I get a whole list that have NOT been bought off by the government by NOT imposing new rules over the hacking fiasco, oooh no!

On that date I will walk into my local Job Centre and drugged up to the eye balls and when I see that 6ft 2 inch Arab looking gentleman that I know damn well lied to me and knew WHO I was BEFORE I walked in the door, the whole thing WAS RECORDED. and I will knock him across the building with a chain of punches I use in martial arts.

The media can then stand, watch, photograph and film.

By then a riot will start that will make the student ones like like a picnic in a kindergarten?!

You wanna keep thinking you can lie and cheat and beat me, THEN GO RIGHT AHEAD?!?!

Oh and by the claim this is HELPING disabled and sick back into work? Well not only is that MORALLY WRONG....BUT YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG aas well as the fact that you are LYING ABOUT THAT and.... ooh wait, lying I hear you think?! How could I possibly prove that?! Well GUESS AGAIN!! I can and have been recording you and keepint it secret since bfroe January 2011 waiting for this moment that I stated would come none years ago when my father died!!

Ooh I cannot wait for the rest of 2013??!?! It is going to be VERY exciting and eye opening when liars and cheats realise there is nowhere left to hide?!



Marin Haswell BSc

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