Sunday, 31 March 2013


So people are dying as a result of public offices, bankers, government and the rich?

Is there something the government are wrapped up in that people are not dying because of?!

The NHS and the DWP so far. Oh Local Councils probably too.

Oh wait...I think I did this one.

Well anyway it seems more convenient that the poor are dying then people with loads of cash pay a small portion if it..nice.

Notice that the people are dying that are sick, riddled with health problems, penniless and in debt, depressed over being attached and stripped of whatever is left by councils and their henchmen...bailiffs.

Homeless? If nothey did not have to worry they got lucky there with the worst winter since the medieval age! That would have wiped out more if them.

What, you want a point?

Oh OK them well none if the victims are working and paying tax so its a clear out. Kind of like what the Nazis did but just doing it to their own kind, lol. Using dirty tricks and hiding in the shadows but appearing on the news to state how evil other nations are because they will stand in front if you and look you in the eye when they terminate you!


But no voluntary euthanasia though?

So they are dying while being insulted and blamed among with being falsely accused and labelled as they are driven to their deaths while they blame EVERYONE but themselves our the true cookie culprits.

Worse than this for be are celebrities who claim to have political leanings this easy or that but are funny and super these people while having their money overseas avoiding the taxes they want us to pay?!

Hmm now I think I got all the facts right there didn't I?

A contradiction in terms, lol.

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