Sunday, 3 March 2013


Well I FINALLY got around to picking up the football that the Physiotherapist told me to get?!

Picked up this morning from Sports Direct as soon as they opened their doors for business at 10.30am. Bought this Sondico ball, a size 4 apparently worth official being size 5, for £2.99 our you can get two for £5.

I went in there the day before but annoyingly did not have enough with the change I had, new I should not got that can of Emerge, lol.

Went into Toys R Us but it was mad as the footballs were far more expensive until I saw several baskets with different prices and one for £1.99. But a member of staff started there was not a single ball, he THOUGHT, so I had to leave it till today. He gave me an odd look that I did not want to spend fifteen pounds on a Mitre even though I told the Pratt that out was rolling around on for my back and not for winning the World Cup with?!


If Lionel Messi wants to poor round for Tea and Kick about in the local nearby playing fields I will go back and buy the most expensive ball they have but its only to roll around on while placed in the middle of my back!

Tried it few times and it seemed the obvious thing to do while discussing it with the Physio but now I have tried several times I am not so sure but will continue for two Weeks until I see her again.

Felt a great deal better when she manipulated my back and was OK for a few days. Last several days had been agony though and had to cut short several things I have had to do.

Combined with the fatigue feeling and then the flu like virus which seems to have passed now to say it was somewhat difficult was an understatement.

Now the race begins to counter NEXT WINTER and the fact that each one is harder than the last. I say this each year for the last 3 years only to have my plans scuppered by moronic idiots. This time, however, I have my own plans and back up plans to them and they have a head start, one of them has a 7 month head start and you ate reading it right NOW!


Spring and soon summer and weather warms up from tomorrow and I start squeezing to my bike with greater frequency taking the strain of the parts that drive me to distraction during winter. It is a relief to come out of still that cold weather and get back on the bike again!

Well unless, touch wood, nothing hours wrong that prevents me from using the bike like self injury out theft if it for starters, haha.

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