Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Well I was shocked over Jimmy Savile and now the boss of the NHS ego had caused many deaths got questioned by Members of Parliament but today many by giving no answers?!

Hmm many deaths? Is that not referred to as a Serial Killer?!

No what amazed me was that like Jimmy Savile this guy is a Sir?! He had Knighthood and cannot even provide answers?!

My God they seen to hand them out to just about anyone except those that deserve it, lol. Only 'MONEY' if REALLY awarded and anything else looks like token gestures to me now and they just go for the obvious household names. Gold medal winners are ready because they become household names overnight, lol.

Member of the British Empire?

Hmm was not that long ago, will ok nearly two years, when I laughed because my Dentist thought for certain I would get one?!

As I said this was two years ago and once I stopped laughing and he asked me why I had laughed I turned and said...

"Hadi, you get NOTHING in the UK for doing the morally right or honourable thing anymore! You have to be a name and film stars, music stars, sports stars or more importantly make slot of money even if you cheat!"

Life, it would appear, had been reduced to a reality show like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here energy the only contestants everyone knows the names of.

Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave?!

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