Friday, 8 March 2013


Sounds like a Marvel Comic title?! LOL!

Well there was an Absorbing Man if I recall but this title is because I was thankful to receive an email from a very nice person who had just told me that AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS that they had read this ENTIRE BLOG?!

LOL, I am truly humbled by that knowledge and in all honesty I never thought that first of all anyone would or that I would be humbled by being told how good it is?!

That was really a surprise and just little things like that make it all worthwhile.

Hopefully if my messages are getting across in some way or another, even but size chunks over time, I can stop a number of people from doing anything...SILLY! Or self destructive?!

It has taken longer than I initially thought, yes. But it is as I said previously it is very weird how the build up seems to be heading to around April. Where I thought I would be in January is where we are NOW! Plus some omissions I was unaware of have been replaced. Two sets in fact hmm or technically THREE.

In April all the things that you were focused on are going to hit home along with all the ones that have gone unnoticed.

I for one kept forgetting about a report I had read about Council Tax Benefit because of the Welfare Shake-Up! Now even I am wondering what else I have missed?!

I have a similar thing with these blogs you see, I am given a wealth of information in the accounts pages much of which is ridiculous, unnecessary and redundant. Then I discover that much of it is not correct and behaving totally abnormally and would be obvious to any mathematician. This is especially true as one set of numbers should affect other sets of numbers but NO DICE!

In fact the FIRST set of numbers has started to rise far more quickly while the others have STOPPED STILL?! Indeed with one number I was well aware it had gone UP but after two weeks the particular number that represents that collective has NOT MOVED!

This particular blog you are reading has been up for 7 months to date (8th March 2013 todays date) and the others about 6 months or a little less. There is a feeling I have had for several weeks now that is growing and faster than there numbers do and it is becoming ... a Liiiiiiiiitle uncomfortable to be honest!

But like everything else, it seems, the end of April to end of May will  be the time to shed the light so to speak!

Will work for less than food? For more than 6 months too? LMAO!

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