Thursday, 7 March 2013


After that idiotic comment by David Cameron I thought it high time I said something before the PINCH starts to be felt after April.

Unfortunately people do not see the wood for the trees until it is too late and then they...snap. I have long since foreseen much if the trouble coming as week as this recession years befit it took place.  Now I want to try and avoid something else i foresee taking place. Emotions will run nigh among many and a banding together in numbers automate follows. People air the deepest concerns and fears to each other and things start to snowball.

I have said repeatedly that despite my utter hatred and revulsion to evil and amoral people who have been self obsessed and bloody blind for many years now while leading, our sleep walking, us into a very lengthy, EON, period if hardship with no end, that the loss of life, our murder, is WRONG!

No matter how much they deserve being tired to a stake and being burned alive, figuratively speaking, that is not the way and I am concerned and have been for sometime that when this powder keg of a time bomb goes off spook hell will break loose and people will get killed in the process.

Well I hope not and people should be level headed and that this banding together in anger just plays into their hands. You well then be labelled as animals or criminals and they will day that is why they do as they please. Yes they will be wrong and yes if the tables were turned they would behave exactly as anyone else would. Well I say that but they did buyer seem too worried they left a child in a public house?!

No their excrement smells just like anyone elses and they fart too!! LOL!

I know they are under the false impression that they are different to others and even possibly a cut above but they are not. They only THINK they are and they and those that caused this have become too protected by shit laws in this land.

So there had been mention of unrest here in the UK and I am none too surprised and to be honest and have started this before cannot believe they were that naive and stupid they did not see it coming?! Either they are stupid and naive and should not be winning the country or anywhere near Number 10 or they do know and either WANT IT TO HAPPEN our just do not care, in which case....well they should not be anywhere near Number 10, lol.

Its not decking borrowing or cuts that is the issue your bunch of dicks it is your and the fact your have Pissed off, scared witless and alienated the public!

You have takes bullshit for so very long you believed you're own hype and the media did but help either?! What you failed to realise is that you had been alienating and pissing everyone off long before the recession and the facts for that are will known and recorded and DO get spoken about in the media, the number in question is the number of people who have not bothered to vote because it is always the danger old shit whoever gets in power.

So the public have been listening to people they stooped trusting years ago and gave up on and they are telling us rio save money and spend at the same time when they do not have the cash for EITHER?! They sure either NOT BORROWING the money from the banks you want them to our the banks are lying in saying no one wants to borrow money, our the tiny percentage there are NOW willing to lend to now do not want to borrow.

Its not borrowing, its not saving and its not a magic wand you need. You need to adopt something... ooh why an I typing this? Why an I bothering? They are far took cocky, arrogant and cloudy blind and period rio do what us necessary.

They sure incapable if being the leaders that they were voted in for in the first place for the most part. They are all still only interested in each others jobs, the limelight and shifting blame to concentrate on actually helping this country and its people?!

After all look how they are willing to treat disabled people while being took scared too go yup and force powerful and rich people to do what must be done. They have no moral fibre at all which is why I get so incensed when creepy morons like William Hague state about the poor people if Syria when he sound about as sincere as a Desert Horned Viper that had just had its tail trodden on?!

I want to HEAVE, in other words! Do bout do that on our behalf please Mr Hague its two faced and insincere and u do bout want the rest of the world to think we are all like you!! Out is well documented on the Internet what tit as the government have been doing to disabled people and done of thesehave taken their own lives as a result!!

You might be able to you're up many things and have an element of control but you learnt nothing from the riots that you cannot control the Internet!


A for the rest if you do not let them set you off and force you to do something that WILL RUIN THE REST IF YOU'RE LIFE?!


My life had not really for much going for it so let new ruin mine to force changes...

ooh feel queasy and thought it was fatigue again until I realised out was the choice of another tosser getting done award or other, Sebastian Coe. Two faced person if every I saw one and media plays up to these people. Another treat being given a title, lol. Not what it once was that is, start getting them in you're Cornflakes soon?!

No I will finish yup by stating that there's tories go on about paying your dues and taxes but are a bunch of people that have the attitude that they turnstiles should get vast salaries for doing little while others work there backside off, right into hospital, while earning very little?!

Go figure.

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