Monday, 25 March 2013


Was listening to the chap in Cyprus make his speech when something occurred to me.

While I was out I have it more thought and realised something I had not realised beforehand. This became galvanised when I saw a fuss being made over Boris Johnson and his wish to be Prime Minister?!

Are you SERIOUS?! My God how many if the wrong people do you have to elect befit you realise you have been helping make things worse?! We are years into a recession for Christ sake?! Of all the people, and I like Boris as person, a guys is being made of another Tory and out worries me people will just think oh he if likeable let is vote him in?!

Jesus Christ look up the word 'fickle' in a dictionary?! I think we are at a point whereby the next election will be 4 or 5 years into a recession and voting on the wrong person will condemn us to another 5 and....well certainly MORE blood on the streets of large cities!

I keep saying this but I know the way it should go to save this country will never be voted on. I do doubt there are enough people intelligent enough and not voting because that's how the family have done it for generations...or my dad does it or you can't have them in because...excuses.

It is only for 5 bloody years it is not a lifetime what is wrong with trying a new, different and more modern choice for once?!

Do you not think that anyone new would want to make sure they made s success of it?!

Now here is the very thing that has occurred to me today while out...

...if the people responsible are still voted in or come a close seconds as has always been the way then I think that...

...these two will think that they can get away with absolutely anything in future and they will still get voted on or a close second?!

Utter naive madness to allow them to EVER think like that!!

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