Thursday, 21 March 2013


Stock with them? Is he now smoking pot?!


"Those who want to work and get on?"

No not pot he had just list his marbles and write how he is chancellor of the exchequer then he must have a video of Mr C from school days that is very embarrassing, surely?! Lol.

Those that want to work... Mmm today would account for about 90% of people signing on and disabled people and what an complete moron rip make a statement like that!

Also what about those that want to work but CANNOT GET ON?!

Also Mr Osborne your very good preaching to the people like that are all incompetent fickle idiots with no intelligence whatsoever...

...i do boot think they are but would like to ask you the following...

Well you have asked the public to stock with you but boot given a reason and not an incentive, that is treating then like fools!

Once the public on the while have give through hell, thrown on the scrapheap by the lies ordered to be dished our by you're party to the DWP & the NHS and not dealing with the public despite shook the extra taxes and charges you think VI inner realises you are up to and planning as well as that of local councils all of who have caused the global out comes from banking who the world know WAS our only industry left... Well once they have been through hell and PAID THE BILLIONS they already paid that you lot, the rich and bankers lost by gaming over greed and getting it wrong. One the public have pout their lives through hell twice, PROVIDED THEY HAVE SURVIVED IT OF COURSE, once you lot and the rock and baskets have manged to Continue to live your luxurious lives on large boats and duck islands, will what then?


Hmm if so how do you intends to pay it all back? The stopping tax here and rising it there days are dead and gone. They were beforehand you were just to bloody arrogant to know it.

So please Mr Osborne ... Please explain  why you made those statements?! I am sure there were enough people are just like me and like to know what your meant?

Saving the country crap will not cut it anymore when more people than ever before have had their lives turn asunder and on 2013 there will be much more than art any point since the recession started. Do you speak with a peg on you're nose as everyone else picks up a foul odour!

God for the longest time I hate that utter bullshit that members of parliament spout and think how worrying it is that people would actually but into this crap?!

I honestly think if I had my way people that are THAT gullible should not be allowed to vote in elections as they are unable to take on board the simplest facts and that the way a country is run should not depends on naive people like this.

Probably a very God job I don't get my way then?!

Lmao, there would be hell to party otherwise and I would tear away the politics sd they stand today right down to the core and then I would tear that up to.

Just like that comedian who ran in the Italian elections.

If you think they do believe youfor I've second I can assure you that they will not I've they realise you're partyb ordered the DWP to instruct Atos to lie. Also whoever you got to come up with this standardised way if cheating the British Public did not go to a very good school as the incompetence with which each plan to lie to the British Public was so bloody easy to but only spot but also manipulate to my own ends so that I could acquire what I needed to destroy these plans st their very core...not on fall guys and lackeys...oh no. The strike goes to the very core.

Nope it was utter incompetence and with each week a I see, hear, copy, record, photo, scan and screen-shot more shh the time. Of I forgot video?! Lol.

Much if what I have had still to be seen and even today I saw an absolutely laughable letter that was hour only obviously bullshit and lies but prepared before the people had even MET the letters recipient?!

Oddly enough the recipient had failed to pouch yup on the glaring errors and the deliberate mistakes as well as a major contradictions.

When you can produce major contradictions out means you can show one of two things...

One you're all bloody liars and cannot help but kit when you're lips do much as twitch...

Two you're all fecking incompetent...

Either way you're not even close to being qualified to hold you're positions and do boot have the countries best interests at heart. Nope just a small minority you're looking after.

Oddly the longer all this goes on and you IGNORE THE OBVIOUS one thing I can assure you will happen and you will but be able to blame new for it..

You will end yup being the most remembered names on British History for thousands of years bit I can assure you it will NOT BE for the reasons you would hope...

...not by a long chalk, mates!

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