Thursday, 21 March 2013


I am on my way home from my Dentist and it seems like a world away right now!

Must try to cross this road and not get killed?! Not that the drivers going by give a toss about a disabled guy with a severe limp and a walking stick.

Yesterday I cycled to visit a friend I had not seen for sometime and really did not feel like going. Indeed I was meant to fu the day before and canceled.

I head been feeling quite light headed fur several days and did but know why. On the cycle over I had wondered if I was not going to pass out while actually on my bike and that had never happen before. On the way home my groin felt strained in the area if my hernia repair and I had focuses on taking it easy too.

Today I had to leave the house as I had a Dentist appointment for a molar tooth that had am exposed nerve from a cap that had crumbled a few Weeks earlier.

But while out I wanted to pouch up a tear light for my bike as I seem to have mislaid mine and cycled home the night before without a rear light?! In the dark...obviously!

Only the groin pain fit worse and I still felt light headed while trying to drink fluids fur my seconds lot of tramadol with the exposed nerve on tooth attempting to make my brain explode.

I returned to friends store with tea and coffee for them from the 99p Store and then proceeded to the Dentist.

Once there he asked if I wanted a local anaesthetic injection and I said yes as it was quite painful. He have me a couple but I said it was not numb and this had happened previously and gag to have a second injection. But he said I needed more time and to wait outside while he saw another patient. I also now recall that I did say I had taken tramadol and was that ok and he said yes.

I was called back on and the cap, or whatever it is, was placed on after some painful drilling but still the time my eyes were heavy and I had to close them. I felt like I was going to reason asleep while have my tooth drilled?!

Once finished I got out of the chair and followed the Dentist outside to reception and felt quite woozy and still do. Like I nearly did on the 99p Store o nearly went down and the Dentist suddenly looked worried and stupid and faced me and asked if I was OK. He leaned to one side quickly at I've point as if he had expected to catch me as I went down!

He agree if I was ok and I said I felt very weird, or something, and he said I had better not leave and should take a seat and wait awhile. He then said something to the receptionist about it but not sure what.

After a few minutes it became apparent this was not going to go any time soon so I for up to walk over to reception expecting to have to sign something. She said I didn't and said that I was ok to leave if I felt ok.

I said I was fine and left.

U went to tescis across the road guy done cash out the atm then grabbed a basket before walking around but knowing what the hell I was on there for.

I walked our after placing the empty basket back in the pile I retrieved it from and left.

Despite the woozyness and the patching pain in my groin and the weaving I have now manged, our almost, to get home. Typing this has taken my mind off the journey desire having to correct around ... Just tripped over a fecking wire!! Shit. Yes desire correcting wrong eighty words on this shit and useless second hand and faulty American phone very wanted to rip me off for to the tune of over £400 and tripping over a wire done thoughtless twat had thrown out of a car I an now very nearly home and thank bloody God for that?!

Ooh just do not twill the local Jehovah' Witness' that they have Bergen trying to recruit me for three years and think me a hero!

Arrg pain down my right arm now?! Jesus bloody Christ, MAN!!


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