Thursday, 28 March 2013


First up I have acquired TWO audio recordings today and these will be up in the coming days.

Today I received my Neurophysiology letter from the Royal Free Hospital and just like the DWP and Atos do NOT LISTEN they have booked it too early meaning I would have to travel in the rush hour.

Almost like a DWP tactic...."OOH WELL Mr Haswell if you managed to get here you cannot be that bad?!?!"

Me ... "How the feck would you know and you have X-Ray vision that can tell how much drugs I have inside me and a camera that followed me the whole journey?! Oh and by the way because I can get here and then sit here, lay down, be tested and then get home again on ONE GOOD DAY does not then mean I can do a 5 day a weel full time job you bloody moron?!"

LMAO! God help them if I get any smart comments like that, God bloody help them!!


Ooh OK back to front then?! Right above is where I contact them because the appointment is TOO EARLY, LOL. I would have to travel in the rush hour which is a NO-NO! I have requested it for a MIDDAY appointment and I will ask TWO people I know if they can take me, first one and then the other!

Right this is the letter, there is actually more of it and I have not read it...but I will tell you now that I am CONVINCED I have Charcot Marie Tooth. I have TWO recordings to be posted and one where I state that the Neurologist who sent me for this thinks I do not and I think I do!

BUT... despite this I must state that not being a DOCTOR myself I have to admit that it is NOT beyond the realms of possibility that there is indeed ANOTHER condition that does a damn fine job of mimicking CMT?!

Not to my point... to travel all the way to a hospital such as the Royal Free and the to come out WITHOUT a diagnosis will be not only frustrating but I will be in a right quandry with myself wondering if I have just been lied to?!

So you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be on the damn ball that day!!


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    1. Hi Amir

      Well I am intrigued by your comments I must say and especially on this subject in particular. You will have to tell me more as to the reasons why your interested.

      This goes for anyone else to.

      I am kinda humbled, if I am now willing to admit, that out of all the time I have spent doing this I have only EVER had one negative comment and it was NOT on HERE and it was a guy in Scrubs looking like a surgeon from a bad 70's American series and ... well I do not think he was a surgeon as he was not very bright, lol.

      For anyone on here I hope you never think that I am unapproachable as nothing could be further from the truth on this.

      I am after all and thus far not been doing it for money, indeed I have never had a penny this far and from what I am now realising I am never going to recieve any money from this, lol.

      I started this not knowing I could make money, then was offered a way to make an income but this has not worked out and not LIKELY to work out based on what I see because the numbers do not add up which means there is no correlation between visitors and actions that make a blogger money.

      There SHOULD be and I should know as I am a a software engineer and was trained as such at Middlesex University, unfortunately for many of my rather large enemies. lol ;)

      Some of these may not know I am now there enemy nor realised how much of a threat I am but I think from what I have seen reported in the news they would be in the minority.

      One of my tasks of this blog, I really do not mind admitting now as there is little to nothing they can do about it as they are STILL ARROGANT and STILL IGNORANT is the fact that I have done...

      The Jobs of many the last three years who are paid hundreds of thousands a year for
      Secret Service, Police, Life Savers, RSPCA, General Practitioner, Ombudsman & many others some of which were full time for long periods and others just piece meal.

      They also have to bare in mind that I am someone who is not only disabled but has been for a long time and no one has taken any notice of.


      What I have provided to many and long since before the start of this blog is one hell of a great deal of data AND I NEVER REQUESTED MONEY from anyone for it. Every National, Local Tabloid, TV News Channel you can think of and many more besides...including MPs.

      Now I DID this for a reason, other than the fact I have NOTHING T LOSE BY IT...


      I did it long enough, and the BLOG was just another extension of this... it would become apparent in time that my data would be used by those that have received it or found it, ane even those who asked PERMISSION to use it.

      Now that is what I was hoping BECAUSE...

      To use my data and evidence then you have to be wanting to come across as genuine and have a genuine concern for the public and the country...

      ...but you CANNOT use my data for that. It is a TRAP!!

      Because you must understand that at NO POINT have I received ANY OFFER of help during all this time and I know my data has been used. It has also been quoted in the House of Commons! I have lost count of the news bulletins on the different subjects I covered long ago. Now as much as it seems I have on this blog...LMAO...

      ...I did say it was not all!

    2. One of the things I STILL DO possess is all the necessary communiques along with the receipts and even DNA here of visitors to take away data (the Police Detectives DNA for instance) and a whole list of the recipients who can never deny they received it.


      This is also NOT ALL my data either but it will be a couple of months yet before I am able to release it all! I HAVE to be sure of myself on these matters and hence why it has taken so long, even though I really started this over ten years ago and in earnest over two years ago, lmao.

      If nothing else I AM patient!

      But I will tell you what my Iraqi Dentist stated to me two years ago just after it all started up.... "YOU WILL GET A MEDAL...AND A TITLE!!" and he then stated that he wanted to work for me as my manager. My PREVIOUS GP knew of my endeavours too...

      BOTH HAVE GONE!!! GP closed her practice at a moments notice and had a hate campaign drawn against her easily disproved and undeniable. My Dentist quit without notice and I had an email to say he quit. All on here SOMEWHERE.

      Also the beauty is that I have a great many blogs and pissing off too many big names all in the same blog was always going to draw team up of enemies to put Marvel's The Avengers to shame.

      So some of these get smashed Hull stylee in other blogs, lol.

      Only there is still one to go, or more correctly to actually REVEAL for the first time ever. It is someone not mentioned before and not on my list when I started all this. Indeed they was not even on my list when I started this blog. Well actually there were at least TWO names that came into focus since starting the blog, lol.

      But the one I have YET to reveal I may have to ... nip off elsewhere to reveal! While I still collect the data I need I am putting a couple of things into action this week to see if I can actually team up with OTHER big names that would break my arms off for the knowledge I possess.

      I knew it was always going to take a very long time.

      I had hoped that some help might have come along in the meantime but not as yet.

      This is because I knew that the plots and plans against me would start at some point and I had to more or less GUESS what these were and in ORDER or complexity and then MENTION them every now and then to then HALT any plans. In doing this I hereby used this dreaded attitude to take forever to do anything against the people that could try to stop me and burying the truth.

      Of course one of these was a three month application time to a court. Once it was about half way through this time I would casually mention any possible legal actions against me thereby countering any possibilities. If I could do this once every month or so I just might be able to keep the blog going long enough to have people help me in my cause. Well actually help me help themselves would be more correct a description.

      Despite the predicted months during all this that I THOUGHT things would hut the fan, a little over confident there but hey I am not perfect, I always knew that I would in in the end.

      If its not obvious as to why then its quite easy as liars and cheats need good memories and they also need their own evidence and data. Unfortunately for them they all treated me like they were super intelligent and I was a nobody idiot... BECAUSE I LET THEM.


  2. My friend Kenneth Bunn, sorry KEN lol, he once said to me the following...

    "Every time I hear someone say something derogotary about you I am scared to tell you..." then he starts laughing with tears streaming down his face "...but when I come out with it you always reply 'Ooh now thers a surprise' in a sarcastic tone?! Everyone thinks they are ONE STEP ahead of you all the time, how DO you DO IT?!"

    "I let them CONTINUE TO THINK they are one step ahead of me all the time! and then I winked.

    In his intoxicated state he now collapses on the floor in absolute fits of laughter, many of those he talked about were mutual friends and acquaintances"

    Up until the day he died a few years later he would always bring that up to get us laughing to the point of tears! It was he that harped on that I should do this.

    Just a shame he is not around to read this blog.

    thanks for your comments ;)