Saturday, 23 March 2013


It seems I had forgotten...

First time I decided to do this and fully expected to turn out to be something completely different, if it turned out to be useful at all that is.

Instead I capture the first moments of a FIASCO to end all fiascos and just as it SEEMS I have just started to be manipulated into being cast off yet again.

Not that I NEEDED this but I did need it for YOU!!

I hope its the right file I forgot to rename it and it appears the right date and time, lol.

Oddly enough you will note that the time initiated is 01:53pm and outside the dental practice and the appointment was for 2pm. However I do not realise the mistake at first but I am told I am late when asked to go in and I just smirk.

Thought I had lost track of the time somehow but did think I could not be more than a couple of minutes late. Well until I saw the time stamp on the file and realised I was a couple of minutes early if anything, lol.


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