Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hmm I seem to have a bit of a problem as the difficulty I have had understanding the numbers to my blogs and my advertising account still do not add up, make sense and appear to becoming further apart?!

Now rather oddly I was in a very...good position to notice or be the victim of any possible...anomalies, let us call them for argument sake as i am not yet entirely sure EXACTLY WHAT they are and WHY THEY ARE!

But they ARE and that is the main thing.


Almost as if right on cue my blogs have also reached another key and vital point in their existence that started about a week ago, going on RIGHT NOW and continues to do this for the next 2 to 4 weeks?!

Added to this is the Spring arrival and warmer weather and this also has an effect in my numbers too. Inescapable and easily understood once it is explained and fairly rudimentary really. That is in ADDITION to that I have referred to.

So I am quite interested to see what happens by the end of April and then by the end of May this year, 2013. So I have six weeks to go for the first one and ten weeks for the second.

If the weather does turn out to be utter crap in that time it will have an effect but would be of negligent proportions. So the increases on two fronts WILL HAPPEN as I stated but possibly a slight reduction could occur if the weather is total garbage for the next TEN WEEKS.

I have asked a series of questions posted today of the Adsense Forum. I hope there are no idiotic comments from people that think that they only have to open their gate and whatever comes out is of high intelligence. If I ask about a problem it is normally HUGELY complicated and no sound bite will do. But the world seems full of people that can ONLY OPERATE on being fed SOUND BITES! Even Doctors in all honesty! Now whether or not anyone realises this or not I have spent many months on this blog, and many years before hand, proving this. I am STILL probing this!

So the questions are posted and i will tell you this much too...

Also do NOT FORGET that my YouTube account is linked into all this and that in 5 months I have added 200 videos to it and still some to add here when I get the time.

This I would imagine double by the end of May this year, 2013.

I would also add that since being mostly quiet I have had a whole flurry of comments since I increased the frequency of the rate of adding videos, as was intentional as it would help to show me what the problem is, if there IS A PROBLEM at all?!

Often wondered if I chose the right group to blog with, we shall see in a couple of months time whether Wordpress or one of the others might have been a wiser choice?

Hey BOB?! The Times They are a CHANGINNNNGG!! Hehe.

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