Sunday, 24 March 2013


I heard back from the Charcot Marie Tooth people and was told that my GP is talking rubbish, exact quote but no names, lol. But then I already knew this!

Was told that Professor Mary Reilly gets her patients this way and I told her not to worry as I am about to catch them all in the act and absolutely red handed. I now have the means and the method and a plan has been concocted that is pure brilliance. Now I just need to make an appointment and attend and the rest will be child's play quite literally.

They also said that Professor Mary Reilly would likely not answer my email for fear of not treading on the toes of other professionals?! So I said if I meet any i would let them both know!!

LMFAO!! A dig only at those I have MET, you understand.

Well the eyelids closing still persists and I have wondered if I maybe should not have switched over to caffeine free tea bags, caffeine aggravates Restless Leg Syndrome as I stated quite some time ago in the life of this blog.

Maybe if I had stuck with the caffeine maybe this really distracting sleepy eye lid thing would not be nearly so bad as it is?!

It is very, VERY distracting and every now and then I have to push my head to the bac until it comes to rest on the sofa and then close my eyes! It is a bloody battle to keep them open and its just grows ever harder and then impossible altogether and very weird indeed!

I do not know if I mentioned but the several hours I was at the hospital alone my eyelids were like this the whole time but when my mate returned I found it easy to keep them open, but then most of the horrid feelings and pain seemed to subside and typical it was while I finally saw the Doctor?! Oops I digress I meant to say that I did not actually sleep at all and yet I was terrified I would and wake up to find my rucksack had been stolen as it contained my Barr & Stroud 8x42 Bird Watching Binoculars and my Olympus SP-820UZ Bridge Camera which are my two prize possessions currently.

Would be this HP Pavilion DV7 laptop if it was not so bloody crap! LOL.

Just bloody typical I am back to normal just as the Doctor finally sees me?! Lol!

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