Sunday, 17 March 2013


A little bit of an education for readers here and with a worrying occurence...

If you search in a Search Engine you can be SPECIFIC with your search terms. To give you a quick guide in this I will explain an oddity I have discovered with another of my blogs on CPUs & COMPUTERS.

I have been attempting to get a second Operating System to install along side Windows, YES you CAN do that and these Operating Systems are UNIX based using Linux and you probably own devices that operate using them...


Well in a Google Search I was trying to find out why I had failed TWICE to install graphics drivers into my verion of Linux which is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using UNITY Desktop Environment.

Needless to say it failed AGAIN and this was after I was talked through it by a member of the Ubuntu Community using a channel in Internet Relay Chat?! Third installation in a row and the THIRD TIME it failed to boot up completely?!

Just prior to going on IRC (the CHAT) I did a Google search for the following...

Ubuntu "Radeon HD5470M"

Now in a search field of ANY search engine putting things in parenthesis (or SPEECH MARKS) forces the search engine to look for that EXACT phrase of RADEON HD5470M in THAT ORDER and with pages containing UBUNTU anywhere else on the page.

I got 11, ELEVEN, pages up which I thought was a bit low in all honesty. But what did not occur to me immediately was that I have 9 posts on BOTH these two subjects and with those exact TAGS (like Hashtags in twitter and the things Search Engines look for) and yet not ONE OF THEM came up in the ELEVEN results?!

The earliest ones were posted just over 5 days BEFORE I did that search and in all honesty I nearly missed it?!

Indeed had there been pages and pages of results I probably would not have spotted it at all but the fact there was only 11 results and even then I was about to exit that tab in Chrome when it suddenly occurred to me?!

That is....WORRYING!!!

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