Tuesday, 26 March 2013


OK nicked that line from a CD single I had years ago...err was that comedian guy whose name escapes me as my head really is spinning!

I had a friend arrive today and I opened the door quickly and I spun around and bent over to do something and then came up at an acute angle and as I did my head SPAN like a top and I nearly went OVER and dropped to the ground!

Was the same chap that too me to A&E last Friday. He asked me how the funeral went for our friend and I then had to explain that I could not go due to these dizzy spells. Though I did state and will do so here that to refer to them as 'dizzy spells' does not really do them justice and is an understatement!

I had planned on going out to have a chat with the Dentist and book that appointment with the Doctor and maybe just handing in my prescription for the anti dizziness pills, Prochlorperazine 5mg, so that I get some more but no I feel like I am going to be sick at any point and has been like this for an hour so do not want to go out at all?!

Catch 22 if EVER there was one!

Now wondering if I should take a second pill so that I have taken 10mg n the hope that would help enough to go out and hand in this prescription?!

I did do some research on the advertising to nail down a few facts, which I should have done some time ago and spurred into action by the patronizing hired help on that Google AdSense forum. Seems I was right and I have listed a load of details down to keep an eye on and see how it all turns out.

Right I get too embarrassed at going out when I think I am going to vomit for sure. I always have this fear every time I go out and it is a real possibility and happens fairly often. If I g somewhere where a lavatory s nearby and NOT a public one then this is great.

Anyone that thinks there is not a problem with going out when you have this vomiting problem well all I can say is that each time you go into a public lavatory and for the next year then get down on your KNEES in each one?!

Then after a year then think that I would have done that, that many times in the course or two to four weeks?!

Another one is travel across London say about 10 miles with NO CAR and do that without standing still?!

Or try carrying an Umbrella, Walking Stick AND shopping?! LOL.

Then imagine while doing all this you have bolts of pain in your foot arches, sore stone like pain in your left foot, stinging and/or aching in your groin and sharp or intense pain in your back, shoulder and neck?! Oh and the painful clicking i your heels when descending stairs too! LOL. In summer pain in knees when on foot caused by use of a mountain bike.

Go one I dare you?!?!?!


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