Sunday, 31 March 2013


What do you do when you get rid of one outfit that does feck all (what about the other three dozen??)...

...well you replace it with TWO.


Lack of communication? Pointing at each other and saying 'it was their fault?'

Sorry I'm giving you the excuses you Erik get for next time... want to see this already employed then look up my bailiff posts.

Local Councils used then knowing fans will what they do, they in turn use dodgy dates on letters to con (I ASSUME CON) court judges to give out liability orders earlier than they should and without you knowing and then use a dodgy fraudulent auction house to issue fraudulent invoices for ten times less money than they sold you're stuff for!

Each one backs up the other in the group and get away with it...will that is until they choose me to do it to, lmao.

Queue my tricks and BAM! Lack of reacting the correct way or doing any proper checks gives the have away so I only have to set them up for falls.

Mountain of paperwork later I bury the while thing while I move onto others. Papers and news emailed, as I suspect they are all corrupt too, and nothing as expected. Physically assaulted too that aggravated my health conditions that no one else wants to diagnose, deal with, treat our help me financially with.

Well they win this time around but I will return to destroy shot of careers and our many people in jail and cause a bloody chaotic bloody mess in the process.

That was Waltham Forest Council, JBW Group and Plaistow Auctioneers and Valuers. There are others too but they were the biggest offenders and all the series you saw on TV were set up. Spoke to them too they did nothing like everyone else.

Era of the back hander hands and cronies...

Fast forward for years and hiiiii I'mmmmm BAAAAACK!

Now about those careers and prison sentences I referred to?! No? Oh!

Well there is always the angry mob later, lol.

Oh and issuing fake invoices for a tenth of what you actually received is BIG TIME TAX FRAUD... but the HMRC ego will fine you £100 for each firm you hand in even a day late....

... have receipts to data I sent them by post as well as emails and I did not even get an answer.

So when your poor, our not stinking rich, they will jail you and mine you over one hundred quid.

If your a government office and avoiding thousands upping thousands...ooh wait American owned business and get out of paying billions in taxes...

...well you do bit even have to come over for the difficult questions!

Kick all foreign owners out and retake their properties and possessions if they act like that..that's how you get much if the cash back. Why did they not do that and nationalise the company and name?!

Imagine what they would have sold the entire holdings and name to Google, Amazon, Starbucks and anyone else then kick their arses and say...your bit in America NOW BITCH!!


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