Sunday, 3 March 2013


Well there is a surprise ...BUT it should not have been.

As those that visit know I have had difficulties with a Camera I purchased recently and I posted about them on here and all my other blogs. I also posted a series of blurry pictures too and photos of the TWO seals over the edge of the box that Nikon claim should not be on there!

One of these had the Argos logo and the other had the word VOID in GOLD printed all over it.

Just for the record here is a photo I did not get around too putting up...

...when I saved it I wanted to recognise it by a quirky name as I do all the photos I edit and resize before posting them... this is called SPOTTY DOG!

Do you know what it is of? Do you know what is going on in this picture?

Would you like a few moments to work it out before I reveal what was taking place?

Would you like me to draw diagrams... oh alright now I am just being sarcastic and I do NOT know why as the person I refer to has not been on here and it is obvious to work out what people do and do not do online! I DO HAVE A DEGREE IN THIS STUFF YOU KNOW?! Oh there I go and do it again?!

Oh OK really I am just killing time and making the readers read waffle hoping to give them time to see if they can work out what the photo above is of?

Oh and I am still doing it...

Oh and still doing it?!

OH OK THEN?!?! That photo is of specks of dust that had landed on the camera lens and it focused in on them when I was trying to do a macro shot or the BUDS on my Dendrobium nobile Orchid?!


Now my new Olympian Camera has a MACRO and a SUPER MACRO but this?! This?!?! This is what you call a Super Super SUPER MACRO MODE!!


Now back to STUPID.

The day I found out for sure that the camera was faulty, followed by the 'WATCHDOG TIME OUT' message which is a FAULT REPORTING MESSAGE, I had bumped into someone earlier that day. Turned out they ahd BOUGHT the same camera from the EXACT SAME STORE, ARGOS in Mandeville Business Park in Enfield.

Now as some of you know there was a flurry of emails before i returned the NON-RETURNABLE Camera and changed ot for the Olympus SP-820UZ. Now that meeting with the owner of the same model was a week ago YESTERDAY...remember that.

Last night I had realised I had not been on Facebook for several days or a week and I thought that many of the other disabled people I know should really know about the camera that Argos sold me and my suspicions. So I posted a small amount about it and put TWO photos up up the new Olympian.

In the week I metioned to a friend abot what had happened and said 'Do you think I shoud tell 'X'?' 'After all all he does he get jealous about things, my knowledge of animals, computers and chases after women that I am friendly with, why should I? I know he is still being sarcastic about me to this day, after all?!'

We both laughed and I said I would not say anything. After all he told everyone, well other morons like him and the woman half his age who was a firned of mine he was lusting after, that EVERYTHING I talked about on here was all BALLOCKS?! I also mean that LITERALLY. He also told a friend I rebuilt a computer for that my trouble is that I can build computers but all parts are incompatible?! even the guy that repeated it to me said that did not make sense and I asked him well why did you buy a computer off him that did not work and he answered that it did work?! he got confused at this answer and shrugged his shoulders. This is also someone I later fell out with and all down to the same old crap at the end of the day...JEALOUSY, LMAO. God do I have some stories I could tell on here and they are lucky I do NOT use their names, lol.

So camera changed but put picture up on Facebook last night. Today my mate rings him and whe he comes off the phone and laughs and says, he had to mention your camera?!

I said what? He mentioned my Camera?! What do you mean?

He says he mentioned your new Camera!

I said 'Why did he mention MY CAMERA?!'

Mate says 'Oh Martin did not like it that we had the same camera and he had to go and get a better one?!'


I burst out laughing and doubled over at it and said 'Are you fecking serious?' my mate now laughing and leaning forwards says 'yeah?'

Fecking TWAT?! I reply and then say 'see what I fecking mean?! What a god damn dumb arse, he will always be the same sits their revelling in pride and ego instead of doing something about it?!'

Just lost his retail store this chap. Spent his whole life telling me I do not know jack shit, making sarcastic comments towards my knowledge base in different fields and the women I dated too?!

The fact I have been single and penniless for 8 years does not seem to matter.

The fact that I do not own my own house does not seem to matter, I just have a list of jealous or suspicious people.

They are, or WERE, supposed to be friends and that  has made me wonder at times if I am wasting my time with this blog but I know I am not.

You see I know it cannot fail and it was set-up that way to start with.

It was designed to illicit emotional responses.

It was designed to make people laugh.

It was meant to make people cry.


Because when emotions are ...provoked into bubbling up then people TALK!

In recent weeks I realised that I had NO ADVERTISERS LINKED TO MY BLOGS, and three days ago I suddenly realised I HAD NO BLOODY TAGS ON ANY OF MY BLOGS OR POSTS?!?!

The numbers are still suspect but that omission could be the reason why the numbers are suspect?!

I have spent three days correcting it which is why I have not been on other sites and Facebook for a week, with everything else.

But  as soon as pictures of my camera go up, I have had for FIVE DAYS he gets jealous. Also let us not mention the fact that I have purchased it for business reasons and HE HAS NOT?!

Let us set aside that I have stated repeatedly that I could and SHOULD have bough that camera LAST YEAR but got the other Coolpix instead?!

No I have only run around and made myself fecking ill just to piss him off and i do nto see him, well delete me off Facebook dickwad, simple answer mate is it not?! Jesus Christ man!!

While laughing my head off at this I turned and said to my friend...

"Fuck me?! If he cannot handle me getting a slightly better camera than him how the hell is he going to cope with the rest of 2013?! I will buy a computer in April, a Digital SLR in May. Money will be coming on form my blogs and videos and I will probably have signed a book deal buy then and received a cheque for £100,000 to £200,000?!" He will have a coronary?!

The trouble is no one thinks about numbers even as simple as laws of averages, the numbers are growing all the time and I have had a few messages of interest from DIFFERENT professional people now. Now AI AM NO NO RUSH. I NEVER WAS!!

It matters not to me whether or not things happen in APRIL or DECEMBER 2013 the thing is I know that they WILL HAPPEN.

You could think of this blog as a way to make £1 MILLION! Or even Half a Million! Until I am dead you cannot prove these statements WRONG!!

You can say what you like and you can say it as many times as you like but it will not make you right, but what I say cannot br PROVED WRONG and many until I am DEAD!! LMAO!

So..hey, hey ,heyyyyyy....HEY STUPID!!!


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