Sunday, 10 March 2013


Heard this yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to hear about the comments made by this Archbishop, Justin Welby.

Seems bishops backed this view and I may not be religious in any way but morals are morals at the end of the day.

At least there are signs that there are compassionate human beings in the public eye...though more in the background of the media gaze unless there is some horrid scandal to get their teeth into!

Let us hope that common sense prevails and becomes infectious for once.

Fingers crossed! Mind you they only mention the 1% limit for rises which is miniscule compared to what they have done and are currently doing to people.

I should be pleased as this course of action will only succeed in the current government and politics demise at done point in the future as there will be far too many people will not only be affected in done of the worst ways as will as watch this happen to people they are close to that the current state of governments, politicians and Members of Parliament will never be trusted again. EVER!

Unfortunately I would rather that tens or hundreds of thousands if people do not suffer the fate, agony and hardships that I have done as I personality would not wish that on the devil himself!

Like a dog I would rather put them out of their misery and it concerns me that this is what many MORE will do. This will increase leading those that are left behind who did nothing, chose to ignore, insist there was not a problem to have to live with this memory for what Erik seen like an eternity!

From here to Eternity is a fair old way!

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