Thursday, 21 March 2013


Well this if surprise...NOT.

Yes will expected this for someone and thought it would be a but more direct if I am honest.

Unless if course someone had realised the direct approach is not a great idea our of course they are finding it difficult to do so trying to lay down done preparation for a direct approach.

Well thousands upon thousands have been on here so I dare say someone connected to done office or other would get done brownie points for pointing out a potentially damaging, only to them if course, blogs.

One had to wonder if they have made any approaches to gain powers over shutting bloggers up and I have no doubt I will be hearing from them before very long if they are successful.

I must say I am surprised I made it this far without s run in with them and that was why I chose a blog over other Internet options. Now the right of freedom of speech is likely gluing to be tested to the max before long as I dare day that there are quite a few if us bloggers about, lol.

Now I wonder if I can start a stop watch on s the month period to an attempt to be shut down our even IF I make it that far?!


I like the way that all Pitt of the blue despite how long this had give on for that suddenly someone mentions bloggers?!

A bit weird don't you think?

I had better start making sure I back up all my blogs and all my webpages more regularly than I have been doing lol as having all the data backed up in all the places that I have constantly will allow me to spring up for more than I have in response to being silenced.

Of course these kind of actions and talk will only serve to infuriate the public st large even more than they already are do it is not clever and will only hurt themselves in the long run.

Mind you I would wager a great deal that they are will aware of this and have a plan or story previously made out to blame any problems, public nuisance situations our indeed wider unrest on bloggers and other people like me?!

After still I only ever heard TWITTER mentioned previously and many dozens of times and never ONCE heard the word BLOG used in and false claims and revealing of sensitive, legally or otherwise, information but now blogs and bloggers hit the news?!

Yeah right.

Ooh, I think I just out paid to that plan?!

That of the beauty of being able to think if the possibilities of the lies that can be concocted against you. Listing them as possibilities on a blog makes these them much more widely known to the general public and therefore rendered useless. Of course the fact that everything takes forever in the UK, like going to court our applying, that modern day attitude I can use to MY benefit as on that time, 3 months at a guess, I have divulged the possible plans and the likely lies and excuses and there is twelve Weeks of ever growing visitors to read them and that will keep it in the mindset of many. Even if forgotten if end when out ever appears in the TV news and tabloids those that did forget sitting in a cage with friends our work colleagues will read it, see it, hear it and say

"wait a second?! I remember reading about this on a blog months ago...i thought the guy was mad but THAT'S THE GUY!!"

So you see the things I say Ste not always immediately obvious and I creep then true but often have a plan behind paying them and therefore ulterior motives.

Yes it is hard and has been tricky to keep to the facts and to my THEORIES I believe to be going on and still do this I admit.

But I just tried to do the best job I could for as long as I could. Another example of the April and May time being very key indeed to everything no matter how must I wanted it to be a great deal sooner.



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