Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Ooh here we bloody well go yet-a-bloody-gain, lol.

After having the Apple and Samsung endless run of battles, Cadbury and Nestle fighting over a colour we nite have Nokia attempting a ban on HTC Phones over a Qualcomm chip that HTC did NOT manufacture?! How the Fecking hell does that work then?!

What I find most amusing is that Nokia it's now owned by Americans and off they go tying up courts making themselves look stupid! No 'question mark' as they ARE looking stupid, only have themselves to blame IF Asian companies ARE copying them and was down too greed anyway and ate showing the worst kind of protectionism after telling the test of the world not to do it add it would not be fair on America?!

Well what do you call this then?!

Used them for slave labour but now they are copying and doing it both better and cheaper you do not like it!

Fifteen years ago I said this would happen one day just add I said the global recession would happen five years before it did.

That could sound bloody cocky but I do not get it that no one else saw this coming?! Or they did and kept it quiet add they found a way, or list of excuses, to force things through on its own people?!

I long for the day when a reporter and News team with a brain somewhere figures this out and starts digging around for the truth.

Nokia pursues HTC sales ban in UK

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