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Yes I actual saw this one!

It was utterly laughable and to anyone with any intelligence whatsoever she sounded like an idiot as well as cold, calculating and in denial.

My God if she, Esther Mcvey, has a husband and provided he is not like her then my heart bleeds buckets for him! What a bloody nightmare she would be to have a relationship with, lol.

Not been able to keep abreast of this day by then they have been judged as breaching human rights then?!

Added to this they have now APPEALED and lost THAT APPEAL and she STILL denies this and I guess all court judges are wrong as just like the science advisors to the government, everyone is wrong unless they lie as they are told or expected to?

Still further I also heard that someone described it just as I have done on several occasions as...


Ooh seems I got my facts a little bit wrong based on a question that was asked that he'd nee to assume something.

The judges rejected claims it breached human rights and was forced or slave labour?!

Morons! Pure and simple!

1) Everyone is aware that the money given is not enough to live on.

2) As well as the cuts that ste WELL KNOW the public should know that Council Tax Benefit had been scrapped altogether!! There ate council schemes in place but they are utter shit and you have to pay 40 or 60% of the £1,200 to £2,000 or whatever it is annually these days.

3) Gas and Electricity had gone up for the umpteenth time!

4) No money at ask means you do not eat, even slaves get given food.

5) Forced to work or face the alternative off starving to death while suffering EXPOSURE is slave labour!

Unless of course you can say no to it and keep the pittance that is paid?!

Maybe there are British Judges that need to get their heads out of their backsides, heads out of the clouds or government lawyers or officials out of their damn pockets?!

Government loses work scheme appeal

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