Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Neet. What a cool word and I am Neet. Our should I state I am a Neet?

This stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training!

Though I have a Degree and an more knowledgeable in several other fields than the one my degree is in!

I am also trained in a great many skills to from Martial Arts to painting and even gardening to driving. Soon there will be others added to these lists. So I do not need to be trained.

I do need help with employment or more accurately in helping me work for myself, lol. There is NONE, despite what the government tell you and that is how I can call them Fecking liars and get away with it too?! Because I have tried everything and if it is not on here I do possess all the necessary paperwork!

But yes I read this and I realize after just the first sentences that if course there will be another problem later on as a knock on effect. But those of you that think like MPs, ate only about yourselves, need not worry. This is because like everything else the health system is being...systematically and deliberately destroyed so it can be Americanized! So when these young people do get these health problems they won't be able to afford it add there will be no free health care available?!

Neets are 'public health time bomb'

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