Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Just prior to last Christmas they had arrested around 6 names in the paedophile ring if the BBC.

Then there was a news report that stated that the Police had claimed they had 21 or 27 more names to investigate. They said names would be released in the coming days. There were several conversation between myself and others that went on for weeks as to who these babes might be and I read some task sucking ones on the Internet!

Today I pointed this news article out to one of the people I had a conversation with and we talked about how a year had gone by and we have not even had the six or seven names we were supposed to hear about last January 2013! Stuart Hall, a BBC driver and that guy out of the soap. Oh yeah the other guy out of the same soap, lol.

You do have to wonder add to why these names are taking forever to get around to as after all they did say they would release half a dozen around the new years period of 2012-3. Cannot help thinking of a brush and the proverbial carpet?

I have no idea who these two latest ones are.

Two arrested in Yewtree sex inquiry http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24728680

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