Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Well what do you know?

I found this web page regarding Amitriptyline and pain which is the first time I have made a connection between these two.

Shockingly it actually refers to neuropathic pain too?! Why it has taken me this long to find out the details is beyond me.

What caused me to look is that one area of pain has been a little easier the last couple of days. But I do not know if I am just having a few good days or whether it IS the Amitriptyline. I have also not been out very much for three days, which is very, VERY rare for me.

So it will take a little while longer to ascertain if these pills are actually helping my pains. If so it will be only the second drug, bizarrely directly after the last, which has had any effect on this area. I still feel that the Pregabalin was the more sensible choice as this could have also replaced my Sertraline too to deal with my Anxiety Disorder, which I very much doubt the Sertraline has any affect on.

The Amitriptyline is also NOT making me ill either so that is a big bonus. It just remains to be seen that the current lower pain levels remain that way?! I have had less pain in my feet which includes the Plantar fasciitis pain along with the heel pain, bolts of electricity type pain along my feet.

Unfortunately it has no effect on the Metatarsalgia, knees, hip, groin, hip or back pains. But I take 100 to 200mg of Tramadol too which may or may not be effective. Not, at times that is for sure.

Of course I do not know how many pains  Pregabalin would have been effective towards? Also Gabapentin certainly did not help my back or shoulder pains, but was told this beforehand, or my groin or hip pains either.

Still relieving some pain to a more tolerable level I will be extremely thankful for. But falsely accusing me I will not be forgiving about, lol.

I found this page as the curiosity got the better of me, funny it is a UK web page, lol. Wonder what I might find if I search for the best painkillers?!

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