Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I was going to title this post...

Injured, Wronged, Embattled Victims Who Did Nothing, lol.

As it clearly states in the BBC News report the NSA seen to day they did not do it. Then they insinuate what they have cane from the Secret Services of each country in question, so not just the GCHQ then?

Then they use a language that is for beyond the normal gobbledygook they normally use in governments that I have declared it it's own language status of Americanish, LMAO.

Or maybe they are suggesting that the Secret Services off other nations acted as the GCHQ did as a favour to...well I don't bloody know, GCHQ I guess or the UK government or perhaps SERCO?!

Anyone considered the possible implications for all this? Anyone stoped to think what they ate suggesting?


Read for yourself.

US spies act the injured innocent

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