Thursday, 31 October 2013


Aww will you look at that?

They all suddenly have morals?!

So I am to believe that all these huge companies with their humongous sizes and huge number of employees they themselves could not find a way to leak what was going on to force it to stop?

So I am to believe they all have morals while they say in silence waiting for someone WITH morals to leak the data, like Mr Snowden? Companies who then speak up stating how it is all wrong and they did not want to do it?!

Well maybe they can PROVE IT by making sure that Edward Snowden is not wrongly stitched up by the U.S. agencies he spilled the beans on?!

It is not treason when you expose the abuse of the access to far superior powers, money and equipment. Far superior, that is, than anyone else that the NSA note claim to have been up to themselves?!


Maybe someone should look at all the companies they have consumed or swallowed yo in the last ten years? Maybe someone might want to look at any SHARES they may have purchased too?! I mean I seriously doubt that all these companies were left with empty palms through out all this?! Very seriously doubt that very much so, lol. Seems the impression off suddenly discovering that they do have morals might be to deflect any focus from what they might have gained.

Done did get target big and rich very quickly did they not? Lol.

Tech Companies Write Congress Begging For Surveillance Reform -

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