Thursday, 31 October 2013


Well this is a very wild and extremely worrying turn of events, or is it?

Spying on the US and streaming it's secrets and handing them to Iran?! Jesus Christ that sounds completely insane! Does not necessarily means it is not true though.

But then is it not convenient that of all the countries that the Americans could point the finger at it turns out to be the ONE COUNTRY that would make everyone stop and pause for some very serious thought?!

This had now turned EXTREMELY SERIOUS and no matter what this is how it remains from now on! The Elephant is in the room and trampling over the furniture!

For it matters not whether the claims are true or be they false! Someone is now going to look very bad whether the U.S. now looks even worse than they already do for lying or the Germans get added to the Master Race Syndrome affected governments?! Again!

So add I said whether the claims are true or false it is bad, very bad indeed.

My word who would want to be a reporter right now?! Lol, you would not know which story to pursue and out ask your time and effort into?!

My God if this was said to cover up something else God only knows how horrifically shocking that hidden gem is?

Oh, By the Way, Germany Spies on Us -

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