Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This made me laugh.

Someone who is on one of those really crap and fake adverts, to get you to pay for a piece of plastic to step on and off to get fit, refers to Obamacare as a Ponzi Scheme?!

Ponzi Scheme I presume is what we call a pyramid scheme, our just as similar and nasty? These types of schemes DO seem to be rife in America and you see these really cheesy, vomit inducing adverts on TV in the UK in the middle if the night. Shopping channels like QVC cannot come close to inducing convulsions the way these ads do. Just designed to con money out of those poor people suffering from naivety and lacking in intelligence like they are a lower form of life-form who do not deserve to have any money and should be given to smart but dishonest people instead who create these nauseating adverts?!


Suzanne Somers Thinks Obamacare Is A 'Ponzi Scheme' -

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