Friday, 21 December 2012


Couple of things to point out and first off was the reaction I got from Eon Energy which was somewhat of a surprise...

I contacted them as I did something ELSE with the money I was supposed to pay them due to me quitting smoking and OCCUPYING myself, lol. In passing I mentioned the previous two appointments and what i had found out and was expecting to hear from Doctors in the coming days, weeks and knowing the NHS possible MONTHS.


Under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), passed in 1995 and significantly extended in 2005, anyone who has a progressive condition, like CMT, can classify themselves as disabled as soon as the condition has an effect on their everyday activites. You are then entitled to protection under the law, requiring employers to make suitable adaptations so you can continue working.

This was there unexpected response...

I also emailed a Charcot Marie Tooth Disease organisation and I did not ask for a diagnosis, well OBVIOUSLY, but just advice and pointers while providing list of my symptoms.

The is a response from Karen Butcher who was extremely kind and informative...

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