Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Row Part One

I got an email to say that four posts have been deleted from MY OWN THREAD in CAG. Draconian rules, inability or urge to defend themselves and reassure they viewers and blinding arrogance and ignorance only means one thing...


This means they LOOK for people that have CAUGHT THEM OUT BREAKING THEIR OWN LAWS!!

I think you will find that if a civil servant of government body is caught out breaking its ownlaws and policies the punishment for this is VERY SEVERE!

Watch who talks find out whos a threat and who is not, weedle out the ones that are and con them and this they did to me and Sheila Harding was obviouusly a part of all this.

These people are quite obviously Satanists by night!

Here is a shot of what someone reposted after he noticed I had been moderated in my OWN THREAD!!

One from earlier in the thread.

Now my password has conveniently EXPIRED

Now I have got past password problem my TWO posts have been immediately sent for moderation and not posted immediately as they normally and ALWAYS have had...

EDIT: Oh he reposted what I had stated so you can see for yourselves what it was they DELETED!!! LMAO!!!

So the MORAL OF THE STORY IS ... Do NOT USE CAG under any circumstances you will find yourself talking to the very people who fecked you are people working for them and protecting their interests.

I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUSPICIOUS when I mentioned Sheila Harding but not by name and the demanded to know who I was talking about after digging at me for mentioning someone nit by name. They were obviously rattled and pissed off at that.

I bet now that this got taken down and while we are on that subject...


Oh and another thing ... what I typed was DATA and writing that technically earns me MONEY!!!

I want it BACK!!!

Typical government too, do not know a damn thing about DESIGNING a website, RUNNING a website, LAWS governing digital data and can NEVER put up an argument or when they do they lie and drop themselves in it.

Just like Merseyside Police, Wirral Council, Enfield Council, Epping Forest Council, Waltham Forest Council, Metropolitan Police, Ombudsman, Primary Care Trusts and any others on this blog I got evidence on.

CAG, you are not a part of the corruption team?! WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!


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