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Recently I sent off an email to someone who runs a website helping and informing disabled people. In it was a statement that was sent to me by the CMT Organisation regarding the meaning, supposedly in law, of the term Disabled Person.

Now with regards to CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, is states that whenever an ailment starts to affect your daily life and daily tasks then you are termed DISABLED.

Now I do not want to know about laws and policies and neither did I want to get embroiled in Politics, as I do not lie, but the email I got back was somewhat confusing as something else, I cannot recall, was stated and I presume from some law that the government changed at some point to render the statements sent to me as not only meaningless but technically a lie?!

Now my answer to him was that this was utterly ridiculous and asked what would happen next that there would be TWO separate editions of the Oxford Dictionary with the everyman's interpretation of the meaning of words and the GOVERNMENT'S interpretation of the meaning of words so that what we have been taught all our lives from children is then rendered utterly meaningless by people who lose your cash and then want to lie and defraud you?!

Now I for one do not want to read up about procedures, laws, protocols nor anything else that springs to mind when it come to taking action, well legal action at any rate, against the government on an individual basis. This is for one simple reason that I have followed from day one...


Now if I was to go down that route and read all this stuff and familiarise myself with all the legal beagle terminology only to then LOSE at the end of the day this would be ... soul destroying! You would have to be quite someone special to do all that work, all that reading and all that fighting only to have you arse whipped because they abused something or altered the meaning of something.

There is NO point n doing that! I have heard this time and time again from many people in many fields and I think of it as QUOTING SCRIPTURE or QUOTING MANTRA but it is pointless when the rule makers do NOT adhere to the very rules they set out. Or indeed the laws either so what is the point?!

There is no point. You only need to make enough people aware of the truth!

This is quite clear and agreed upon whenever I speak to people and when I do find decent and honest people they all speak about how selfish people are that they come into contact with all day and every day. Yes it seems to be the case with a great deal of people I speak to and seems this way with myself too. But I will refer you back to a statement I have uttered on these posts several times now...

Idiots like this who have adopted this amoral attitude to survive will not! They cannot fight alone and would just show a level of incompetence that goes far beyond the boundaries of ridiculous and they will only look blind and stupid.

Now what will happen in time is that percentages of these people will realise their folly and then turn to being part of something BIGGER, strength in numbers is the key.

As time goes in this number will grow and this is called the HUMAN SPIRIT but I am in no illusion that some will never do this as there are certain sects that will be jumping up and down with glee to see people turn against each other, eh radicalised Muslims?!

Of course it there will be more than that reason alone that fighting to survive on your own will not get you anywhere but also other reasons will come into play too. This blog right here is one of those reasons and has had the desired effect on many already. THE TRUTH!

I dare say there is a HUGE number of extremely naive people that believe the garbage fed to them in the tabloids just like there are small groups of people that know it for what it is ... GARBAGE. Of course when i started out on all this I was well aware of this. Unfortunately some naive friends, one now vanished over the horizon, were naive to this and thinking that ANY mouth watering story would appear in the news...well NO.

Before he did vanish he uttered his confusion that newspapers had not contacted me and asked 'but why?' and I answered ... well I do not know you would have to ask them that question. It was annoying as we had spent years speaking about how you cannot trust anyone or anything including the media. Odd then that a soon as he is handed several hundred thousand pounds that suddenly he started sounding like a politician and believed the hype.

If that ever happened to me I give anyone the permission to shoot me on sight!! LMAO!

So it was evident to me that you just needed enough people within out society to know the truth, of course once I had enough gathered together it was only the natural and obvious choice to get it to the media. But I did not know which of them to trust so I sent it to just about all of them! If any one of them could be trusted to be a news media that would act on their own preachings that the pubic deserves the right to know the truth then they would at least start up a conversation with me.

I would at least be asked about the evidence and my experiences?

I would AT LEAST have it requested of me that they would wish to see the original documents??

I did not even receive a thank you for sending all this in?!

Although I kind of expected this and was prepared for it, it STILL came as a bit of a shock and extremely concerning. Of course there are all kinds of explanations as to why this was but the truth is I did not know and I still do not know. Well not yet.

The New Years Honours list is being banded about in the media and it is all the usual suspects but not one news media that I have gone through is asking the obvious and awkward question! The same thing I told my old Dentist, Hadi, when he suggested I would get a medal and a title for what I did...

I said you have to be a celebrity name or indeed make loads of cash in a short space of time.

You have to be a Musician, a famous Sportsman or Film or TV star to be recognised and get rewards and medals!

He laughed at this notion and then remarked at how corrupt the UK had become and how shallow and one sided it now was.

So here we are over a year later from this conversation, oh Hi HADI if your still visiting, and all the Olympians medal winners are there along with just about everyone else I mentioned. Oh and apparently it is stated as being absurd to strip Jimmy Savile of his Knighthood, err dumb-arse not its absurd to leave him with it, JESUS-CHRIST these people are out of comic books!

So although I missed it I was quite impressed at how a LBC Radio presenter was speaking and taking calls on this very subject!! I heard someone say about all the soldiers that are fighting a war that no one is sure any more is legitimate and risking and losing their lives over it. If they do anything wrong and upset the locals while over there they get caned for it too!

As I said I could not get to hear the show but I take my hat off to someone, SOMEWHERE actually asking why this is so?

More to the point is why the TV News stations do not ask questions like this any more and they seem to be extremely over excited that they get the excuse to mention the Gold Medal winning Olympian names yet again.

To me it seems that in the real world, the one that Cameron and Co seem to so desperately want wheelchair bound and pin sufferers to join, is upside down and there is no reward for doing the RIGHT, MORAL or HONOURABLE thing. There are rewards to those who do the most unspeakable things and if you get found out it wont matter as you will be dead from old age and get to keep your Knighthood?!

Now I also hear that a newspaper is obsessed with David Cameron's obsession with paying out over seas aid?!

At bloody last someone with some common sense?!?!

Yes why do you do that Mr Cameron when you are only robbing it from people with lives of enduring amounts of pain and those confined to wheelchairs and even those slowly dying?!

Is it to make the rest of the world look like you are caring?

Well I have news for you David Cameron and to all those in power who are utterly immoral and amoral...

..not only are larger portions of the British Public becoming aware of this through not only THIS blog but many others but SO IS THE REST OF THE WORLD through this blog!!

They never did want to brush up their IT in the British Government and now this is starting to turn around so it can take a damn good bite out of their arses!


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