Saturday, 29 December 2012


I am a moron and I apologise as I had just realised, after the previous posting, that I had NOT scanned and posted up the letter to go along with the recording I put up of the initial appointment with the Back Physiotherapist, Maya.

Now I presume those of you giving all this a very close scrutiny will have already HEARD that AUDIO I put up of that meeting ... well here is the letter that contradicts everything I was told by Maya and not letter SIGNED by Maya, along with what the Chiropractor told me and shown me in their own X-Rays.

Now I could be running away with the idea that the Chiropractor was LYING and I imagine this may well be what these over confident morons within the NHS are relying, hoping or SHOULD BE praying for except for just TWO REASONS...

Firstly I am not that stupid nor naive anyway even if it were NOT for the fact that ...

Secondly the Chiropractors started telling ME what OTHER pains I was getting with the neck and shoulders that H have mentioned on here several times and informed everyone of too.

I mean I do have pain and have spent years trying to chase after these overpaid, incompetent, arrogant and ignorant morons to acquire answers and time after time after time. Why the feck would I do that?

Also I DO HAVE PAIN and that  fact that the Chiropractor stated the other AREAS I EXPERIENCE PAIN that I had NOT previously mentioned means they were NOT lying, even IF they wanted a great deal of money!

Also i stand by what I previously said about performing MRIs on backs while lying down due to weight...

The average human head weighs 12lbs!! Forgetting the head and shoulders and upper back just your head alone, if your an adult of course, has an average weight of 12lbs, that is 12 POUNDS or nearly 6 kilograms. Factor in the weight of your entire shoulders and upper back and do you not think that, factoring in that this is all to counter act GRAVITY, that performing an MRI LAYING DOWN FLAT is a little ... ODD?!

Not it is purely mental is what it is and I am sorry but it is. It never occured to me on the day other than being a bit odd, well i still do not want to accept the fact that the NHS on the whole can be prepared to do this to people while being paid the salaries that they are.

however had I remembered the little known weight of the human head I might have actually asked the radiologists why they do this as it seems ludicrous.

If my suspicion along this line is correct then how much money could they have wasted to MISDIAGNOSE PATIENTS DELIBERATELY?!

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