Friday, 7 December 2012


Venturing out on a sunny day the destination I had became insignificant and the journey itself stood out among the mire of recent days.

Stretched out as far as the eye can see was a side-walk as desolate and as straight as one could ever find and bathed in a rare sun directly south glowed like a golden path showing a way to enlightenment.

My ears swathed in the melodies of Vangelis L'Enfant as I walked while looking through my Cebe sunglasses as the sunlight glittered and sparkled between leaves that still remained on an oncoming tree before me.

My eyes squinted at the brightness while my mind was in awe at the beauty the filled my eyes and my ears that sent a tingle raised a few hairs here and there.

Contemplating the figures presented before me the night before on my many endeavours I had realised that statements made were far truer than even I imagined.

For this one right here the numbers did show that my time was spent purely without monetary gain unlike my lighter others. Not one cent had I amassed in the almost 300 postings that I have performed to help and educate others, regardless of how Muel like they may be.

Awash and surrounded by beauty it hardly seemed that life could be as bad as it is beyond the realms of the sight I had now could you possibly imagine how worse it can be.

Despite the things amassed and the subjects to come and with a festive season almost upon us I thought it best to take leave of the dark and miserable realities that have been rife until 2013 hangovers have abated.

So in light of these realisations a leave of absence while festivities go on and shoppers run riot until 2013 while focus now goes to lighter subjects that will benefit financially in a few months.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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