Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Health Problems Part TWO - ABOUT TWO FACES


I got this one down now due to a couple of things that took place recently that I often forget about and have long since wanted to compile a list of difficult situations.

NOTE: This one kind of spiralled out of control as I remembered some key points to recent mentions of about faces and as I had previously stated there had been several of these within the NHS previously I thought it best to type them up… the hard tasks list will be in the next post!!

My problem is that there are so many things that are on and off that it is difficult to compile them all and as I have handed the NHS list after list over the years and they have flatly refused to even LOOK at it nor pass it on to other departments, like Physiotherapy at Chase Farm to Orthopaedics at Chase Farm who first showed interest in the list and that they WOULD pass it on.

So imagine my surprise when I realised they not only had NOT looked at my list at all but at the end of the TEN WEEKS, they forced me to do before performing an MRI on my knee, said that they would NOT pass it on… another one of their 180 degree about turns?!

Well imagine how that surprise turned to anger when I attended an appointment after this inly to have a Dr Tai try to trick me by attempting to catch me out by testing me and asking WHICH exercise I did?! This was the anger that led me to have a serious disagreement, PART OF IT, with Doctor Saksena where I then tricked THEM into admitting they had fucked up.

Well now try to imagine how I kept my hands OFF both Dr Saksena, who initially promised me faithfully that he and ALL his colleagues would sort me out and give me answers, was telling me that I was being discharged as I had not turned up for my MRI?!

If you have not worked it out I went through 10 weeks of Physiotherapy forced upon me that was actually exacerbating my problems and then was tricked out of having the MRI performed they promised me by coming up with a pathetic lie and oh boy did I tell him so too.

By the time I left the room his oral problem was not flies but MAGGOTS!!

I have had years of this which is why I KNOW that it is not merely incompetence but deliberate trickery and mentioning this to various Doctors and health staff has just had nodding in confirmation or lines like ‘well that is the NHS for you!’ The person that said that was out of a job along with all her staff within a few months of stating that line and the GP was heading for the hills with my copy of my privately performed and paid for back X-Rays where they recently confirmed severe problems and then did … you guessed it yet ANOTHER ABOUT FACE!!

On the 2nd January which is fast approaching I am to see my latest GP and THIRD since I moved to Enfield and NEVER before have I changed Doctor while iving in the same area! Though I now realise that I probably should have done but then … well I seem to end up with the same crap wherever I go which is the main reason I am attacking the NHS here.

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