Sunday, 30 December 2012


I am seeing and hearing more and more evidence that this blog and my endeavours have been helping people...

In fact I have also had a flurry of thanks you's from all different sources of late and it is humbling to hear and read these as well as hearing the thanks from people to whom I speak.

It also seems that people are under the impression that I am inundated with all this and really I am not ... not now at any rate but sure there were times when I was really busy as well as times when it all seemed too much.

Well I am not unapproachable so please do not hold back because of some misinterpretation of what is going on! ;)

Also to those individuals, groups, causes and all manner of others that have taken the time to thank me and say very kind things to me I will say...

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! I would normally say no thanks is necessary but it IS nice to hear! :)

It was nothing really. Still not quite finished or there yet. Only three to six months to go but still a little work to do. Of course this could all end on that day in January 2013 and I sincerely hope it does as I need a vacation!! I cannot afford one as yet but does not stop one from needing one. Among other things that is.

I have an upcoming post called...

In Search of the Nest Bound Cuckoos which is kind of a Part TWO of my earlier In Search of the Cloud Cuckoos. Actually now that I have mentioned the earlier one I have head a curious number of emails from Causes website where someone started up one or two stating that David Cameron and George Osborne are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land and that actually made me laugh! Wondered if it was started by someone that had read my blog, that would be so cool if it were true.

As for posts yes I have a little catching up to do of things I have made notes of in the past couple weeks.

The NHS posts I simply had to post up as they were both unexpected and shocking with their about face and really bad and obvious contradictions. I really just wanted an end to all this but they go and prove yet again that someone of higher authority, ooh like I don't know this already, is sticking their noses in and getting Doctors to lie to me.

I should add that by the time I have finished Doctors who have done this will be stripped of their title and NOT allowed to practice medicine even if you are only carrying a Fisher-Price Doctor's satchel!!

Having the title of DOCTOR is one that is, or at least WAS, an honourable one and too many have abused their positions for selfish or political reasons and I am not going to let that go.... well I am not going to let anything go really, lol.

Now once again to those of you who have been thanking me on the various websites I am on ...

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME and I am pleased I have been of help as it has made these posts worthwhile if nothing else.

If anyone also wants to ask me questions do not hesitate to do so! ;)

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