Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Part THREE

Well this produced far better results that I could possibly hope for?!

You tell them that they give themselves away and they continue to do this regardless only they become far more of a dead give-away that they were previously. I knew exactly how they would react to the things I said, which was exactly why I said them.

They did not disappoint and on top of that provided me with more than I could have imagined.

First Screenshot, WHOLE THREAD REMOVED...


Just when you think the depths of depravity could not get any deeper they always surprise you!

What a sad and pathetic bunch of low life amoebas these people really are and together they have no brains, no morals, no compassion, no intelligence and no common sense whatsoever.

To sum it up they are no higher a life form than than Dendrobaena and are total and utter W*NKERS that should be punished.

Well I should thank them for being utterly PREDICTABLE?! LOL.

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  1. This is quite common for them to get heavy handed if you post good advice before any of the Admin/Mods, they start throwing their dummies out of their prams, they THINK they KNOW EVERYTHING....