Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Website

Well I received an instil starting there was another post on my thread on CAG and another smart arse that started I need to look at RULE 8?!

So twice I asked why they did it and why they took away peoples rights, motto is reclaim the rights, and I've had no answers and smart remarks?!

The only people that I know in the UK that respond in this manner are ... PUBLIC OFFICES AND CIVIL SERVANTS!!

So I thought I would post a few things about them bit looking out for the rights of the people and insinuated that they were behaving like those they forum to be against...GOVERNMENT!

The thinking here was that IF THEY WERE GENUINE THEY WOULD DEFEND THEMSELVES AND REASSURE ME if, on the other hand, they WERE government they would quickly DELETE the FOUR POSTS I put up...

I just recently got a text message to state that they had deleted all my posts!!


No swearing, no threatening, no porn or pay sites and just asking questions and stating HOW it looks.

Oh dear, now I know it was the site that duped me I am going to FOCUS ALL MY ATTENTION ON THEM!!!

Bye, bye CAG it was NOT NICE KNOWING YOU!!


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