Saturday, 29 December 2012


I am fiercely independent and I believe that is part of my problem.

What I mean to say by this is that when i am not currently in pain I do not ASK for help nor do I expect it and I have repeated myself many times by stating that I could NOT face life in a wheelchair. This is a horror I have had to endure and have nightmares about for many years... is also one of the many, MANY areas that the NHS have failed miserably and proved themselves not only NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE but also a complete waste of BILLIONS OF POUNDS and just how many billions I would dread to work out.

This is not to say that the LOGO should be attacked but that the people that did this should be and I mean physically for my own personal feelings I believe that, as one poster so eloquently put it previously, they should be covered in petrol and burned alive!

To explain briefly what other form of punishment would be more fitting to people that can do this to members of the public as far as regards their health, pain and family are concerned?! If it was them or their family they would move heaven and earth but wen it is anyone else and in this case 99% of the British Public they are beating you with a stick to work and pay them taxes while you are your family are slowly dying and I mean literally!!

So if anyone had a better punishment I am all ears but I doubt it! Those that disagree with any punishment or even that there is anything wrong or going on is either extremely naive, extremely amoral or has an extreme amount of money or a member of the current cabinet?!

Damn it!! I digress! AGAIN!

Often I am twirling a walking stick while I am out and currently I am experiencing a GOOD New Shoe Syndrome, as I prefer to call it, but in all honesty the new shoes have had a full Memory Foam Insoles added to them I found it sport direct!

So currently, and it never lasts for long and only helps the HEELS and nothing else, walking is a great deal less aggravation that it is normally and that is a first in over 5 years.

However being stationary is still a problem and as stated previously if I remove one hurdle, even only temporary, then I normally hit another and I have around 9 or more for mobility alone.

So yesterday I got home by the skin of my teeth and that is ONLY because I had a walking stick with me and this is because I overdid it, due to new shoes syndrome, and pain killers worn off...

My muscles were fatigued. Now previously I got his part of my ailments wrong and I thought that these muscles were tiring purely down to my walking gate, so to speak. But Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is down to atrophy of the muscles and fatigue of them is one symptom of that.

So my muscle fatigue and hobbling home with my stick on occasion is, like everything else, down to this dreaded disease.

I state carrying but specifically I mean using a rucksack which I have with me constantly. It does not need a great deal of weight inside it, and NOT a big rucksack i might add at around 25 litres, before my back and shoulder freeze up in agony despite how many Tramadol and Paracetemol I take?!

But it is the best and easiest way for me to carry things, err especially when I hold a stick and also even more so when it is ummm RAINING...

Oh boy! I cannot even begin to describe the pain in my back and shoulders when this occurs. Of course i switch arms to ease this but after awhile and with the smallest of Umbrellas, a rather nifty Fulton Automatic Umbrella, which is light and slips in a pocket, my back and shoulders feel like they have 240 Volts running through them and i can state this as I HAVE had 240 Volts, err well I think so unless a LIGHT SOCKET is different I never really checked, because I have had a strong electrical current run through me!

That would be TYPING. I have typed for years and owned a computer since a Commodore VIC-20, that one was for the NHS legal beagles looking on here for reasons to defend themselves as I am sure they now know I am coming for them just like the Police and Councils have done awhile now. But lately my typing has been slow and somewhat off. I am often making really stupid mistakes that has me wanting to turn my laptop into a frisbee!! LMAO!

I get a great of aching with use of certain limbs and digits and I have often described it in the past as if I feel like I needed oiling that that of a mechanized robot.

As I had hoped that failing everything else, publishing my authored works, legal case for damages against all and sundry and anything else, I had thought that my OTHER blogs may eventually and around mid to late 2013, might make me an income. So the typing problem is a bit of a concern and has been awhile.

Oh I would be a mass murderer for a dishwasher, lmao, but I have stated this before.

Obviously there are knock on effects on these which are bloody obvious except when you are government trying to stick the knife in your back while whipping you to keep working who conveniently fail to realise this, or move onto your next ailment and suddenly develop a memory span that Goldfish would laugh at?! LMAO. "I am always in MEIN KRAPPER" (American Dad)

So you see I am and long since have explored a great many different avenues and possibilities but, as many old friend elequently put it, gone at it with all guns blazing, get knocked down, stand up and brush myself off and onto the next things with the same 110% enthusiasm. Or as my late father put it 'never had a fair crack of the whip' and he used that for two aspects in that my choice of women has been extremely unlucky as well as my attempts at a serious career in a science based field.

However he always told family that I he knew that I would always come out fighting no matter what and that one day I would do it as did many others one absent and one passed away.

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