Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Just had this via the Facebook group courtesy of Helen...


Not familiar with this website and I will endeavour to check it out at some point...

You see all my stuff was to do with my dealings directly and I did not run around the Internet looking for much really. I was more interested in planning to catch them out as and when I had a legitimate reason to contact them all in turn and that is what I did.

So I dare say that as I have had links like this before that I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

This is because I have kind of affiliated myself with a group for the first time, had to happen at some point, where they keep abreast of the things that I do not...

...so you could say that these two halves of the fighting, battling and campaigning now make a whole. Only thing is that I spent a great deal of time acquiring and keeping everything I had and each time devised ever more genius ways to outsmart them and trip them up.

This is still ongoing and yesterday at 4.40pm I had an MRI on my entire back only that I kind of fluffed that recording and failed to realise i would have to place my belongings in a locker in a port-a-cabin opposite?!?! LMAO!!!

Still at least it is done and next Monday it is the Biomechanics of NHS Podiatry!

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