Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Right I was wondering what to do as I am at a real loss and do I take the damn thing back and change it for the same, do I change it for something else?!

DO I stick to my guns and hold out in the hope that due to the fact that I know they have wasted 6 months worth of work for them to come up with an offer of some kind to make up for what I have lost?!

You heard the tape and the manageress clearly state that they do not sell it anymore? You heard me say that I had first noticed it was missing on the Android App but on the website it was there and she answered that I must have looked before they updated the website?!

Well I just TOOK that screen-shot mere moments ago and there indeed is my last camera that they do NOT sell anymore now selling for £50 less than I paid for it?!

That would be the Olympus SP-820UZ

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