Friday, 9 August 2013


Could it possibly be?!

Could the good old US of A be about to realise, about 5 years normally, that they just might have gone about this all wrong?!

Could be interesting noises eminating from President Obama in the coming months?

Stating Edward Snowden is not a patriot is not put bright unless you are going to explain WHY!

Maybe he tried to explain and be heard and no one listened?!

Maybe he could see what his a bad light his country will be seen in?!

Maybe if this had all come out another way and much later it might have been AFTER some dreadful abuse if these powers?!

Do you not think you have now admitted that in your own words?!

What could possibly be gained by spying on British people?! It cannot be Muslims as you told the American public that you are not spying on them?!

Unless you have secretly exterminated them or locked them up in Guantanimo Mark 2 and all the Muslims you do have are FAKES?! LMAO!

The only motivations I can think of is money or control!! As I am being hounded for money they do not deserve for a shit refurbished American phone that was sold via AT&T originally and probably from a firm that is American owned I can easily believe it!

It seems some nations are only interested in the cash that our stupid and incompetent government like to make out we all have?!

It also seems that many countries will not be happy until it has bled us dry of cadh while we bulge at the seams with their low-life scummy people they do not want or want to lock up or give a life or death sentence for unspeakable crimes they have been perpetrating on our shores?!

No President Obama why would we Brits need any assurances? Be sure to explain yourself to your own people you have not been spying on though would you not?


Obama vows reforms of surveillance

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