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I have decided to do something I have not done for around 18 months now and that is contact a number of tabloids...AGAIN?!

This time around I have contacted...

1) The Daily Mail

2) The Daily Express

3) The Independent

4) The Sunday Times (admittedly I never contacted The Times previously)

5) The Guardian

I will leave it one week and I may contact more and maybe some TV News Networks, that is unless they keep going for things they think are sensationalism and getting them extremely wrong at times with only 60 complaints?!



Dear Sirs


I contacted a list of media over a year ago and sent them FOUR DVDs containing data to a whole series of shocking truths about the UK. Since that time not only I myself but others around me have noted that things I have been involved with have hit the news headlines.

At first I was asked if I ever had an email or acknowledgement and I said no.

They were far more concerned about this than I was as I was expecting it! Was hoping it would not turn out the way that it did but I was INDEED expecting it. Just like everything else really and it was never going to be good if I could correctly predict what any industry I was involved in would do next as this meant I could prepare for it ahead of time.

Now about one year ago I started to add things...on-line in a whole number of ways. I also continued to collect and record evidence on a whole number of things too on public offices that I can assure you are not getting a great deal of wider and public attention and is growing ever wider with each week.

I had previously informed the media that children were in danger and even dying due to corruption and for money and provided evidence of this fact but though it has been reported on it was done so in an unprofessional and crafty way. That was ill advised. Indeed the case I diculged about involving my daughter and Wirral Council is STILL ongoing after a year and more than half a dozen court appearences and on each and everyone the judge states that, and I QUOTE “This is more serious and complicated than I had anticipated” and I do worry this is a Court and Judge's attempt at Birkenhead Court to try and wriggle out of the horrors they have caused which have gone on for twenty years and the lives they have destroyed.

Social Workers Departments and Local Government was only a fraction of my remit.

Others include the NHS, General Practitioners, Hospitals, Private Doctors, HMRC, Police, IPCC, Shop Direct, ASA, FSA, Ofcom, Oftel and a whole list of other offices I have recorded data on.

Yes I said RECORDED data and what I did and continued to do AFTER I sent the FOUR DVDs off to whomever received them is continue to record every meeting, every phone-call, every Doctor's Appointment and every Hospital Appointment.

Now BELOW are to sections of corruption and one of those and will get a great deal many more complaints than the 60 for that advert despite the amount of news coverage it received is the fact that there is a spate and it is RIFE of selling refurbished electrical goods as NEW. I have had three cameras in a roaw and all faulty as well as refurbished from Argos and worse is that Nikon UK rae actually involved and easy to spot by their lack or reaction to the accusation. Six months down the line I have another refurbished Nikon, one in between was an Olympus, and I have even more evidence than I had previously of the refurbishment!

Companies are behaving like the news media will not go anywhere near them?!

Well also below is a recording of a Inguinal Hernia Specialist at Chase Farm Hospital who lied to me about an Ultrasound scan by saying it was totally clear when the fact was there was a black patch that cuased pain which confused them and on the other side they found an inguinal hernia?! In the recording you hear me PUT that to the Doctor and he ADMITS this and re-dictates a LETTER to my GP. That dictated letter in front pf me does not arrive and my GP thinks the Ultrasound is clear, refuses to listen to the TAPE and trying to have me sectioned which looks rather like a bit of a set-up in all honesty and would never work in a million years!

Also I attended a support group for the NHS which I strangley had to sign a WAIVER to which confused me until I realised it was a recruitment drive for the NHS for £15.00, yes fifteen pounds, per week full time?! This was backed by a couple of organisations one of which none other than the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Here is a link to a RECORDING of said alleged support group...

Here is a link to the Hospital Specialist first admitting he was lying about my results and dictating a letter he NEVER sends?!...

Also attached is a GP letter wanting to speak to me, yet ignored me last time, about my allegations.

The GP is not very good at listening and what he failed to ever let me explain, if he IS a GP that is as he does not seem like one, that I have a YouTube account with 900 videos of the things I am knowledgeable on and around 14 blogs and two of the latter are on corruption.

Now ALL that I have told you and all that I previously SENT has been available FREELY to view, read, watch and download and listen to for almost a year.

It should also be noted that it would roughly take two years to build up a decent number of visitors and yet I have had 45,000 and this rises by just under 2,000 per week currently and this latter number of which rises every month.

My data is also stored on various cloud services and in some rather ingenious and inventive ways.

My blog is found at...

All of the most relevant data can be accessed via the above blog. I also do have many other blogs and back up blogs so that if any public office ever thought about shutting me down or deleting all my data, well they would just realise it was never going to happen.

Oh yes and Michael Meacher and his wife have used segments of my Blog in the House of Commons too, still have the email asking permission.

Argos & Cameras Video...


OLYMPUS SP-820UZ (Second Camera)



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