Wednesday, 7 August 2013


You have no idea hiw much I despise a charity that claims to be helping animals so it can both screw people and WASTE millions upon millions of pounds.

They have knowingly done more harm than good to animals everywhere. I would like just 30 minutes in a room with senior staff and I would be the only one LEAVING not on a stretcher!!


No this does not surprise me and the BBC are as fashionably late as ever!

I knew an elderly married couple years after ago who were victim of abuse and of harrassment by the RSPCA. With my advice and legal representation the RSPCA lost.

That was 13 years ago!

Now I have most likely covered this previously and is another subject I likely mentioned to the media in the 20GB of data I handed them, lol.

Just another in a long list of charities that I have long suspected to be up to no good. I wonder if this is the worst possible time for this to break what with the recent report about charities, lol.

RSPCA called vet its 'arch-enemy'

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