Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Do you know I am think I might be in for a bit of a career change pretty soon?

Well after some careful deliberation I have realised that some careers and more popular as well as acceptable among the wider public. Many I have seen follow this path so I think I may alter what I am doing and do the same thing albeit slightly different?!

I think the career path I will switch to is ROBBING BANKS?!

Because ROBBING PEOPLE seems to be acceptable if your a bank or a large retailers and over the next month or two this may look more and more the case to me and from my point of view.

So how would an individual going out and stealing from the THIEVES be deemed any different?! In fact I would start seeing this as even MORE ACCEPTABLE as they may well have a long list of excuses, I know that I DO?!

That is the state that consecutive governments have got us into and need to BOTH put up and shut up. DO not create factions of people through your naivety, blindness and arrogance and then whine and whinge like stuck pigs about it.

I have had THREE cameras from Argos and all are faulty and now I noticed that when I cleaned there dirty lens there is a tiny mark that does not come off with a micro-fibre cloth, not that it bloody matters a jot anyway. It maybe small but its enough to alter a fair amount of the photons passing through the lens and is not acceptable and absolutely disgusting that they cannot even make sure the lenses are OK.

The attitude towards this and being found out to be up to what they are doing is incredible, it really and truly is. In fact the replies of both Nikon UK and Argos Customer Services has been a real eye opener so if the current ones I have sent off are not .... baring any fruit then I shall have to get more....INVENTIVE.

After all I have not given them links to the videos on YouTube yet, lol.

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