Thursday, 15 August 2013


I was trying to find an email address to Nikon in Japan and I keep coming across very worrying things!!

Though I think the camera itself to be fantastic, the Nikon Coolpix P520, I do have .... one and a half issues with it, lol.

1) The electronic viewfinder is utterly useless and I could only see it being used when you cannot see the main screen due to sunlight?! However I have spent FOUR DAYS filming very small insects, Damselflies and Dragonflies, and have not needed to use it!

.5) Umm not entirely convinced it is FORTY-TWO TIMES MAGNIFICATION and it does seem that the Olympus 40x was actually more powerful than the Nikon P520's 42x?!

Anyway it has been arranged to exchange the camera tomorrow at a different store as they CAN NOT arrange a replacement?!

There are a total of SIX Argos stores within 3 miles of me and yet only two single solitary cameras of the same model I have are in stock among all those six stores?!

Only when I said well what if I travel to the one at Waltham Cross and get THAT ONE the chap said that would be OK and he rang them to inform them.

You can GUESS what I will do when I AM THERE?! Lol.

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